Acerbis booth a hit at the 2010 Dealer Expo in Indianapolis

_Acerbis' Cosmo deflector receives recognition

As the 42nd annual Dealernews International Powersports Dealer Expo came to a close on Monday in Indianapolis, Acerbis walked away with a great impression. "This year we definitely noticed a decrease in overall attendance," stated Acerbis USA's Marketing Manager Kristin Cheatwood, "however each attendee who approached our booth was there for the right reason. We are very pleased with the interactions we engaged in with dealers, distributor reps and buyers and are very optimistic about the future of our industry."

This year's show was also the first year in the past four that Acerbis decided to go with a new look for its booth. The booth was transformed into a Supecross track complete with a photographic backdrop taken at Anaheim Supercross and a photographic vinyl flooring featuring the dirt of a Supercross track. Acerbis attractive booth was accompanied with attractive new products including the Queen of Love chair, Scooter Flash Hanguards and the Cosmo Chest Protector. The Cosmo generated exceptional interest among industry insiders due to its innovative protection features and was even awarded 2010 Dealer Expo top ten finalist award by both ATV Rider and Dirt Rider Magazines.

About Acerbis USA
Since 1973, Acerbis' continued drive for excellence has established the corporation as a world leader in the production of plastic components.

Founded on Franco Acerbis' vision of combining fine artisan craftsmanship with cutting edge technology, Acerbis provides the highest quality and most innovative solutions in the field.

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