2012 AMA/Rekluse National Enduro Series On-Line Entries

National Enduro Series Press Release

Dear Valued National Enduro Participants,

For 2012 the NEPG has made it mandatory for all of the clubs to use the on-line registration system that we implemented for the last 4 rounds of the 2011 series. The system proved to have many benefits for the clubs and riders to quickly process the 500+ entries that we have been receiving at most of the events.

On Wednesday November 16th at 8pm eastern we opened on-line and mail in registration for the first round of the 2012 AMA/Rekluse National Enduro Series in Sumter, SC on January 29th 2012. That registration date was picked to continue to make the series more uniform having all of the events on-line registration to open on the closest Wednesday to 75 days before the event. It is our belief that that would be the best day and time to give the majority of riders the same opportunity to get registered before the event filled its maximum number of riders. We had no way of knowing that the demand would be so great as to have 500 riders register in the first 4 hours. At that time we turned off the on-line system because we knew there would be more entries coming in the mail that were post marked on the 16th, and we had no way to know if that number was 30 or 300.

The goal that we are trying to achieve is to keep the quality of the event at its highest level, the NEPG, promoting clubs, facilities and courses cannot handle more than 500-600 riders. If we had unlimited entries we would run out of day light in the spring and fall and would seriously compromise the wear and tear of the trails to be used again for future events. We do not want to have any rider not have the opportunity to ride our events, whether their main goal is local series points, national points or just a fun day on their motorcycle, but unfortunately we only can handle so many.

We have spent the past week listening to ideas from our clubs, advisory board and reviewing threads on many forums, and we believe that the fairest way moving forward is to only make the on-line registration available so that we know exactly how many entries we have and not have to turn off the on-line system to wait for the mail in entries and then turn it back on again to fill the maximum number of riders.

The new procedure will be to open on-line entries on the Wednesday closest to 75 days in advance of the event at 8pm eastern. Each entry will have a time stamp and the row numbers will be assigned based on that time stamp. We realize that those riders registering more than one rider because they are wanting to ride together takes longer, so each club will do it's very best to keep those groups together and take into consideration the extra time it took to process their entries. The on-line entries will stay open for as long as it takes to fill the maximum number of entries for that particular event whether that is a few hours or the Friday before the event, we will post on www.nationalenduro.com and send out e-mail blasts informing everyone if the limit is 500 or 600 entries for each event. Each event that fills up will have a waiting list for the row numbers of those riders that don't pick them up by 8:15am Sunday morning. The waiting list will start when registration opens on Saturday at the event for those riders that don't have an entry but are at the event, the rows that are not picked up will be put in a hat and the first rider on the waiting list will draw their row number, then the second and so on until the waiting list is empty or the available rows are gone.
Each club will do its best to get each rider as close as possible to the row that they have requested, but it is very likely that there will be 40-50 riders requesting each row from 20-35 and unfortunately that is not possible so please keep in mind that you could request row 25 but based on your time stamp and 40 other riders requesting that row also you could end up on a much later row than you requested.

Thank you for all of your support of the AMA/Rekluse National Enduro Series and we will do our very best to help you have the best day riding your motorcycle possible.