2010 Stimilon Motocross Challenge off to a Great Start!

Stimilon News Release

May 3, 2010

The famed Stimilon Motocross Challenge will return to MX 338 in beautiful downtown Southwick, MA the weekend of July 10/11 this year. The event is going into its 11th year (with a 7 year hiatus between 2002-2009, but who's counting...).

Last year's event (the return) was so anticipated that over 350 pre paid entries were on file up to a month before the event took place. This year is no different. Within the first 3 weeks of Pre Registration opening up, over 70 paid entries have already signed up and the event isn't for another 2 months.

One reason so many have signed up so early could be the fact that each class is limited to 40. This event is about riding and having a good time, therefore there are no qualifiers, no short lap motos - if you want in, you need to register early to get your spot. As of press time there are still plenty of spots open but several classes are already more than 30% full.

The popularity of this Northeast event is probably why so many heavy hitters in the industry are offering their support: Tucker Rocky, Answer, MSR, Pro Taper, Factory Connection, Buckchillyradio.com, Heal Clothing, Red Bull, Vitamin Water, Smart Water, Rossignol Snowboards, Smith Optics, MattFrancisPhotos.com, Thrust Music, DB Studios, Motowear USA, Scott USA, K Rae Graphics, Colt 45, and Sports Illustrated are just a few of the returning sponsors helping to make this weekend one to remember!

With class names like the Jobless 25+, the Headlight class, The Never Ever (beginner), The Brittle 40 AB & C, The Keepin It Real (2 Stroke Open), The Rockstar (Expert), Wanna Be (Amateur), and Hack (Novice) who wouldn't have fun. And then there is da States... (think des Nations, but with a Stimilon Twist) the Ultimate Relay Race! Some riders will race up to 4 classes, just because they are so much fun.

Let's not forget the $5000 purse up for grabs in the Main Events. The best riders from the day earn spots from various different classes in the 250 and 450 Main Events - where the slate is whipped clean and everyone has an equal shot at the money. Each Main pays 10 deep plus a holeshot award.

With a marketing slogan like "This is not your children's motocross" what would you expect? No, no, it's not like that. It is only because there are no kids' classes offered. You must be 13 or older to race, and almost half of the classes offered are for Vets.

But the race is only part of the weekend... After the race Saturday night, 3 bands will rock the stage into the wee hours of the night. Then the party really begins since rarely few go to sleep for fear of missing something never seen before.

Sunday is the famed "Hangover Ride Day" where only 200 tickets are sold in order to keep it fun for those who dare to come out. Surprisingly, even after an all night binge, almost everyone rides Sunday since it is more a badge of honor than anything else. To show that you partied hard and still have what it takes to win practice the next day... Besides, where else can you ride a national track with so few people?

The Stimilon Motocross Challenge is a very different event. There is a Stimilon Code of Hnor for this weekend that goes something like this: If you act like an adult, take responsibility for your actions and show respect for your surroundings, as well as everyone else - you can pretty much do anything you want!

Imagine if that were true every weekend? HA, who are we kidding, you couldn't handle it! That's why it only happens once per year - don't miss it!

Want to see more - check out this 2 minute clip: http://www.vimeo.com/9578562

Details, Online Sign up, Sponsorship info and more at www.stimilon.com