2009 MiniMoto SX is Underway!

It's that time of year again, and the MiniMoto SX has taken the Orleans Arena by storm. The racing in Las Vegas is already underway, and with qualifiers nearly through it's anyone's ballgame coming into the night show. Look for the full report later this evening on www.dirtrider.com, and in the meantime check out the following photos from the biggest little race in Las Vegas:

This is my race bike. Pretty sweet, huh? It's a BBR-modified Honda CRF150F that's about as fast as a CRF250R. I qualified sixth in the MM16A class, and am stoked to get out there tonight and rock the sweet track.

Speaking of the MIniMotoSX track, this course is gnarly! Check out those whoops! Many of the stock bikes are having quite a bit of trouble negotiating the rollers, and even the bigger-bike guys are second-guessing themselves in this section. Look for some big-time passing to go on here!

Jesse Ziegler is ready for the MMSX electric bike exhibition race this evening. While it's unclear if Jesse has been training for the race, this photo shows that his goggles are certainly up for the challenge.

DR Publisher Sean Finley did a few laps on the MMSX track yesterday, and he was going so fast we couldn't even get a sharp photo of him. Here, Finley-San earns his chocolate shake by making the big triple jump look oh-so-easy.

The MiniMoto SX brings out all type of riders. From the hardcore weekend warriors to the dudes (and dudettes) who do it for fun, this race is a hotbed for the pit bike racing scene. If you're anywhere near Las Vegas tonight and don't have tickets the MiniMoto SX, head down to the Orleans and check out the action!

MiniMotoSX, CRF150F
MiniMotoSX, whoops
MiniMotoSX, Jesse Ziegler
MiniMotoSX, Sean Finley