2008 Suzuki RMZ450 Fuel Injected Motocross Bike

The 2008 Suzuki RMZ450 is finally on the shores of these United States of America and ready for a test ride. But not until tomorrow…

It took long enough.

In fact, it took so long that this bike missed our 450 shootout by a solid month! (You'll see the rest of the 450 motocross machines matched up head-to-head in the March issue of Dirt Rider). But let's not dwell in the past. The Suzuki is here and holy beans, is it cool.

Suzuki unveiled the 2008 Suzuki RMZ450 motocross machine in Brea, California today. A private technical briefing took place inside the Brea Community Center and featured top brass from Suzuki including the Japanese variety. When the factory's Chief Engineer, Engine Developer and Chassis Engineer for a specific model are on hand, you can be sure to get your questions answered, let me tell you. And man, did we have some questions!

Being that this is the only currently-in-production, EFI-equipped motocross bike, its technology and uniqueness had Jimmy and me on our toes throughout the lunchtime meeting. Our curious questions were met with some great answers and we can't wait to rip around Perris Raceway tomorrow and get a real taste of the bike.

I'm not promising I can have an update posted right away tomorrow evening, (I am going to be a little smoked after running that thing all day, after all). But I will have a first impression story up on the web before the weekend.

Consider this your sneak peek into the RMZ before the ride.

As always, look to the pages of DR for the in-depth testing you deserve.

-Jesse Ziegler

Suzuki RMZ450 Fuel Injected Motocross Bike
Suzuki RMZ450 Fuel Injected Motocross Bike