2008 National Hare & Hound Championship Video

Beau Coddington from ProMotoTV.co just hooked me up with the link to the video he shot this weekend of Round 7 of the AMA national Hare& Hound Championship in Wendover, Nevada.

There is nothing like a bomb run and you can see it here how important it is to get out of the dust...then these guys are still pinning it for the duration of the race. A couple of things I saw, coming from an old guy now. Where did all these whoops come from? I remeber racing up there and it was all smooth. The Wells to Wendover race was one of my all-time favorates.Getting out of California used to mean great trails and few, if any whoops. Now I rememeber why I stopped racing desert. Or was it because I got slow? Either way I don't ever remember having to pass a quad in a National...Enjoy this video and marvel at how fast these guys are riding.

Here is the link:

And a message from Beau:

Destry took 4th overall and sealed the deal for his 2008 championship goal, Russ Pearson took the win with David Kamo in tow for 2nd.

Local TJ Hanifin rounded off the podium, a big finish for him no doubt especially with the home fans and family there.

On a sad note, Josh Morros hit a G-out tapped in fifth and lawn darted suffering serious face and head injuries, among other serious injuries. He is currently in a chemically induced coma at Salt Lake Hospital to better recover from brain swelling and lung problems.