Colby Raha Jumps Off An Abandoned House

Colby Raha Real Moto 2018 Video

Colby Raha is a 23-year-old freestyle motocross rider from Palmdale, California. Raha earned a gold medal in his X Games debut at Minneapolis 2017 in the inaugural Moto X QuarterPipe High Air competition. In the 2018 running of the event, he earned two more medals with a third place in Moto X Step Up and a second place result in Moto X QuarterPipe High Air. Raha, a former amateur motocross racer, has a strong background in BMX, and says it helps on the quarter pipe.

Two months prior to the 2017 X Games in Minneapolis, Raha was working two full-time construction jobs, but thanks to sponsors, he now rides full-time. In his entry in this year’s Real Moto competition, Raha rides his Kawasaki KX450F and executes several maneuvers including a superman seat grab, rides over an abandoned house, and even jumps over a road as cars are driving by.

Real Moto is an all-freestyle FMX video contest brought to you by the World of X Games. The Fan Favorite vote is a one-round, winner-takes-all battle to the finish. Watch each video and register for your pick to win. Voting runs until Sunday night, August 26, and the Fan Favorite will be announced on on Monday, August 27.

Meet the men behind the lens of #RealMoto 2018!

Meet the men behind the lens of #RealMoto 2018! All six never-before-seen video parts drop Wed., Aug. 15.

Posted by X Games on Monday, August 13, 2018