CJ Designs Billet Fuel Filler Neck For KTM 950/990 Review

An Alternative to the Stock KTM Dual-locking Gas Cap

This article was originally published in the July 2017 issue of Dirt Rider.

CJ Designs Billet Fuel Filler Neck
For KTM 950/990
$395/pair in black and orange
$385/pair in machined finish
Seiji Ishii

The stock dual-locking gas caps on KTM 950/990 bikes present several concerns for the hard-core adventure rider: difficulty operating locking/opening mechanisms with gloves on, potentially breaking your ignition key after the repeated stress, and the inability to use drop-in fuel pre-filters.

Longtime adventure bike aficionado and fabricator Craig Johnson of CJ Designs produces and sells thoughtful products that address real issues that have no doubt arisen during his extensive travels and tinkering on all things adventure bike. The CJ Designs Billet Fuel Filler Necks for the 950/990s are beautifully CNC machined from billet aluminum then anodized black, orange, or with a natural machined finish. The necks come with Acerbis caps, breather hoses, and black billet aluminum breather caps. These filler necks, in one word, are solid; they are nice and thick everywhere with no skimping on materials, construction, or finish. Even the gas cap assemblies are first-rate and look right at home on the high-quality necks. The filler necks can be ordered with drop-in mesh pre-filters or without.

Installation takes 10 minutes; this is a simple bolt-on modification utilizing the stock tank sealing gaskets. Bonding the vent hoses to the gas caps is recommended, and tightening the gas caps with some force is required, as both came off initially in rough terrain.

Gas stops are quicker and less frustrating—no more fumbling with locks and flip caps. The durability and simplicity of the filler necks and screw-on caps along with avoiding the huge downside of breaking a key far outweigh the risk of fuel theft. Also, the capability to use drop-in, cleanable pre-filters gives peace of mind and reduces the frequency of changing the stock fuel filters, which is always a daunting and costly task (fuel tanks and entire fuel pump must be removed). Add it all up and you have a winner for the true motorcycle adventurer.

Installation 16/20
Function 47/50
Design 9/10
Price 4/10