BTO Sports Announces 2017 Sponsored Pro and Amateur Motocross Riders

11 riders will be sponsored by BTO this season, take a look at who will be joining the BTO team

BTO Sports 2017 Team
BTO Sports has announced its Pro and Amateur athletes that will be joining the team for 2017.Photo Courtesy of BTO Sports and DocWeedon

BTO Sports has announced the 11 riders that it will be sponsoring in 2017. This list consists of five professional motocross athletes and a team of six amateur motocross riders that will represent the BTO Sports brand and products at several events throughout the country.

The professional athletes sponsored by BTO Sports are Axell Hodges, Destin Cantrell, Tyler Enticknap, Kyle Cunningham and Tallon Lafountaine. These motocross riders will be featured on the BTO Sports website and in media opportunities, as well as, receive BTO Sports branded gear, equipment and accessories.

The six 2017 BTO Sports amateur racers are from across the US and Canada and will be tiered into three classes, covering all three levels of rider proficiency. In addition to sporting BTO dirt bike gear and equipment, the riders will have access to social media resources and exposure via videos, blogs and banner ads.

Carter Gordon, from Mattoon, IL, will be number 51 and racing in classes 250A, 450A and 250 pro-sport. “I love everything about motocross, nothing compares to the adrenaline rush you get from sitting on that starting gate with 40 other riders,” says Carter Gordon. “I do most of my own bike work and bike maintenance, so I invest a lot in improving my race bike and practice to be top notch every day.”

Tyson Johnson from Ripon, CA will be running number 31 in classes Schoolboy 1, Schoolboy 2 and 125-B/C. Bjorn Viney, from Ottawa Ontario, Canada is number 53 and will be racing in classes Supermini 1, Supermini 2 and Schoolboy 1. David Hollinrake is running number 126 in the 250A, 450A and College Boy classes. Jace Kessler, from Eagle, MI, will be number 51 and competing in classes Mini SR 2, Supermini 1 and 2, and Schoolboy 1.

Lastly, 11-year-old Noah Viney from Ottawa Ontario, Canada will be running number 43 and will be racing in classes 65cc 10-11, 65cc 7-11, 85cc 9-11. “I’ve been racing since I was four, train about five days a week now, and race almost every major national in Canada and the US,” says Noah Viney. “I have gone to Loretta Lynn Championships for the past two years and I have had multiple top-10 finishes at major nationals. A few months ago, I won 3 titles at the Vurb Classic and won the FMF Youth Power Award.”

With more than 17 years in the industry, BTO Sports is focused on fostering the upcoming motocross athletes through these sponsorship programs. With its new sponsored riders, BTO Sports will have a branded presence at the California Classic, JS Spring Classic and Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Championship, 2017 flagship amateur events.