Bogle's Season Best Highlights GEICO Honda's Return to Southwick

More holeshots and a season best for Bogle

For the first time since 2013, the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship rolled back into the legendary sand box known as The Wick 338, and when the hardy New England fans watched national-caliber racing finally return to the track, a GEICO Honda was out front with Justin Bogle on board. Bogle also holeshot both motos last week at RedBud, and later threw in a second holeshot at The Wick!

Justin Bogle, GEICO Honda Team, Southwick, Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships
Bogle powered through the holeshots and added two more to his count and led the GEICO Honda team.Photo Courtesy of GEICO Honda

It wasn’t just the starts that had Bogle going, though. He led five laps in the 16-lap first moto and held on for a career-best fourth, and looked poised for another strong run with that second moto holeshot before Christophe Pourcel ran into him and knocked him down. Bogle got up around last and charged back before suffering another big crash that knocked him out of the race. He was 11th overall in 450MX for the day.

“First off, I love Southwick and I love that it’s back,” said Bogle. “Holeshot the first moto and led for awhile, had my best result with a fourth, and had a lot of fun in that one. Second moto, got another holeshot and that amped me up! Then I got taken out pretty unnecessarily by some guy. Came from around last to 12th or 13th and then had a big crash. Got up and tried to finish but ended up pulling off and heading to the hospital for awhile but everything checked out good, just banged up. Regardless, I had a blast in the sand!”

The fans were cheering even louder for hometrack hero Jimmy Decotis, who was making his 2016 motocross debut for the team. Decotis, from nearby Peabody, Massachusetts, was eighth-fastest in practice and had the facility rocking in hopes he could grab a holeshot and make something happen. He started inside the top ten but ultimately didn’t have the speed he’d hoped.

Jimmy Decotis, GEICO Honda Team, Southwick, Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships
Jimmy Decotis was back at his hometrack and did pretty well in from of his friends and family.Photo Courtesy of GEICO Honda

“I came out pretty good in that first one but they kind of picked me off in the beginning,” said Decotis. “I don’t know. I wasn’t that comfortable. It’s really hard to jump in with these guys after not racing, I think I underestimated it. When you’re riding by yourself you get a little bit of false confidence. Then you get out here and you realize you need a little bit more intensity during the week.

“First moto I was back to about 13th, started to find a little groove and then I went off the track and there was like a 15-foot high wall that I went off of!” Decotis continued. “I had to pull into the pits and take my goggles off but I never gave up. I got 25th which was pretty awful, second moto was a little better and I got 15th.”

The 25-15 scores resulted in 19th overall for Decotis, but the experience was unforgettable.

“Even the parade lap, they were going nuts!” said Decotis. “It was awesome. And they were still cheering me even when I was a lap down. These people are hard core!”

RJ Hampshire, GEICO Honda Team, Southwick, Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships
Bad starts did not help RJ Hampshire who placed 11th overall.Photo Courtesy of GEICO Honda

RJ Hampshire was hoping to do well based on his sand experience in Florida, but bad starts did him in and missed the top ten with 11-12 scores and 11th overall.

“Battled all weekend,” said Hampshire. “Awful starts both motos and just never found the pace. Found the ground late in the second moto, which kept me out of the top 10. I’ll get out of this drought!”

A shoulder injury struck down Jordon Smith a few days before the race, and he was a late scratch from the event. Decotis will continue with the team for at least the next two races, and Smith, Tristan Charboneau and Christian Craig are expected to return from injuries shortly.

GEICO Honda Results:
The Wick 338
11. Justin Bogle (4-36)

250 MX
11. RJ Hampshire (11-12)
19. James Decotis (25-15)