At Southwick Motocross 338, the seventh round of the series to the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, we tracked Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM’s Blake Baggett through his day at Southwick. Blake came into Southwick with an injured thumb he hurt at RedBud hoping to salvage points and take the two-week break to heal. We will take you through his day from press day to the last Moto of the day.

On Thursday afternoon at every Pro Motocross round a media press ride takes place at 2 p.m. where a few selected pro teams are scheduled to ride for the local press to promote the race. Blake used the ride to test his thumb as it was the first time he rode since the 2nd Moto tangle with Jason Anderson at RedBud.Rob Koy
Blake tried a few different tape braces on his thumb during the press rides to come up with the best feel he could get while wearing a glove. Blake still used the session to work on lines for Saturday’s race.Rob Koy
Blake worked on inside and outside lines through the famous Buckley Berm. Here’s an outside shot.Rob Koy
Blake’s bike sits all ready for the 1st practice session under the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM tent early Saturday morning. At every round so far the team always has what looks like tire warmers on Blake’s bike, but I don’t see any electrical wires so they most likely don’t want anyone to know what tires Blake is running before the practice sessions start.Rob Koy
Blake works on his starts during the practice start session. In the 1st practice session Blake turned a fast lap of 2:06.636 on his 2nd lap for the 2nd best time of the session. At Southwick the 1st timed session usually is the best time you will get as the sand track gets rougher as the day goes on.Rob Koy
Blake and his mechanic Nathan Alexander just sat at the gate as the 2nd practice session started for more then a lap. A strategic move on the team and Blake as his 1st session time would most likely hold up as the track was much rougher in this practice.Rob Koy
Blake only did three laps in the 2nd session to conserve his thumb for the Motos. Blake turned his best lap of a 2:11.742 on lap 2 for the 10th best lap of the session. Blake qualified 2nd with his 1st session time.Rob Koy
The Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM team has hired Michael Byrne to be Blake’s riding coach this year. Blake said it’s great having a coach like Michael, as he can still go out and ride the pace with Blake at his compound in Florida.Rob Koy
Nathan Alexander has a unique gate prep technique as every week he gets down and dirty prepping Blake’s gate.Rob Koy
Forest Butler, the owner of the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM team, can be found behind the gate of every Moto giving his riders some last minute tips and encouragement.Rob Koy
Nathan’s gate prep must work as Blake gets the launch off the gate and got the holeshot in Moto 1.Rob Koy
Blake leads the first lap of Moto 1 as he round the first turn after the 1st lap.Rob Koy
Blake led the first 2 laps of the Moto and on lap 3 Eli started to real in Blake and passed him.Rob Koy
Blake came into Southwick with the plan to salvage as many points as possible. Blake knew that Eli dominated at the sandy track of Southwick and didn’t expect to be able to run his pace. Blake just needed to keep Eli in his sights.Rob Koy
Blake exits the sandy berm before the famous Buckley Berm. This berm formed only one line on the exit as riders tried to keep up their momentum through the sand.Rob Koy
Blake was able to stay in 2nd place and salvage points in the 1st Moto. After the race Blake’s dad Tom had a bag of ice ready for Blake to dip his thumb into.Rob Koy
In Moto 2 Blake and Marvin Musquin race to the holeshot line for the holeshot. Marvin was credited with the 2nd Moto holeshot and Blake stayed right with Marvin giving him a battle.Rob Koy
Blake stayed right with Marvin in the opening laps of Moto 2.Rob Koy
Even with a torn ligament on his thumb Blake still didn’t let off over the jumps or bumps all day. Blake went for it in the 2nd Moto.Rob Koy
Once Eli got by and Marvin went out of the race after hitting a fence Blake took it easy in 2nd place and just tried to miss all the big bumps around the track as his thumb started to hurt worse in Moto 2. Here Blake takes the inside line on the upper part of the track.Rob Koy
Late in the 2nd Moto Blake had a close call as his grip was probably weak at the end of the race.Rob Koy
Blake gets some relief for his thumb after the 2nd Moto as he gets ready for the overall podium.Rob Koy
Blake Baggett went 2-2 for 2nd overall at Southwick.Rob Koy

Blake admitted that he almost didn’t race today, but toughed it out to salvage as many points as he could. Blake was very happy with his 2nd place finish and hopes that he will be able to continue to battle for this Championship as the series heads to Millville in 2 weeks. Blake said on Monday he will get an MRI on the thumb and if the ligament is torn that he will get it fixed and hopefully will be ready in 2 weeks for Millville.