Barnett Billet Clutch Baskets | New Product

Clutch baskets from Barnett for your 80cc and up off-road motorcycle and ATV

Barnett CRF450R clutch basket
You could equip your 80cc machine with Barnett's latest clutch baskets. Pictured is the basket for the CRF450R.Photo Courtesy of Barnett Tool & Eng.

Barnett clutch baskets are CNC precision machined from durable aluminum and feature replaceable stainless steel inserts to prevent grooving of the basket where the clutch plate tabs make contact. Oil passage windows are also machined into the basket to increase oil flow to the clutch plates resulting in cooler operating temperatures and longer clutch life. Grade 8 quality fasteners are included and the backing plate is also included where applicable. Select applications come with the center kicker gear already installed. These baskets are available for popular 80cc-and-up off-road motorcycles and sport ATVs.
Price: $230-250

Barnett Clutch Basket for YZ250
Barnett's clutch basket for the YZ250.Photo Courtesy of Barnett Tool & Eng.