Austin Forkner's Day at Hangtown Motocross | MX 2016

Austin went 13-7 for 8th overall at round 1.

At each 2016 AMA Pro Motocross National this summer we're going to bring you the story, in photos, of how some racers did on their raceday. If you couldn't attend the event, and your racer didn't get much airtime on the television coverage, don't worry, we were there for you; and this is your chance to see their story. We'll bring you different riders from each event and share them with you throughout the week, so be sure to check back. For this photo gallery, we bring you the rookie Austin Forkner who went 13-7 for 8th overall on Saturday at Hangtown.

After the riders’ meeting Austin was doing a lot of stretching under the Pro Circuit rig to prepare for his much anticipated pro debut at Hangtown.Photography by Rob Koy
Austin turned a 156.559 in qualifying practice to wind up fourth overall in the 250 class. Everyone commented how smooth and fast the track was in the morning. The track crew prepped the track for the 70 percent chance of rain that was predicted on Saturday afternoon. So the surface had a more hardback base instead of the traditional deep soil we are used to seeing at Hangtown.Photography by Rob Koy
Austin showed some signs that he was nervous as the first moto lined up on the gate. He went through a series of different stretches and jumping jacks to calm down his nerves and loosen himself up for his first 30 plus 2 lap moto.Photography by Rob Koy
Austin had a lot on his mind before the 30-second card was raised in moto 1.Photography by Rob Koy
Austin taking the outside line in front of the mechanics’ tents in moto 1.Photography by Rob Koy
Austin kept taking this inside line coming down the 2nd hill. He used this line to pass Jordon Smith in the 2nd moto. Most of the front runners took the outside line to clear this double.Photography by Rob Koy
The rain came down heavy at about the halfway point of the 1st moto, and ended right before the 1st 450 moto. Austin had tear offs on his goggles.Photography by Rob Koy
Austin stated that he rode real tight in the beginning of moto 1, then started to loosen up and ride good until he fell and lost a few positions. He ended up 13th in moto 1 but believed he should be in the top 10 for moto 2.Photography by Rob Koy
The start in moto 2 was much better for Austin.Photography by Rob Koy
Austin matched the pace of the fast guys in moto 2, but he admitted he had to back it down around the 20–25 minute mark before he found himself on the ground. Austin says his fitness will get better with the more racing he does, and that he has to get used to this race pace.Photography by Rob Koy
Austin fell victim to Jeremy Martin’s inside pass attempt in the half pipe with a couple laps remaining in moto 2.Photography by Rob Koy
But Austin held his own and went on to finish 7th in moto 2. Austin scored a 13-7 for 8th overall.Photography by Rob Koy