Asterisk AC System - First Ride

Big Bore Your Nose!

Asterisk’s new AC System is a nasal dilation device for motocross. Say what? In plain English, it’s something that goes on your nose to help you breathe better while you ride! The System snaps into your existing goggles and provides a set of magnets that adhere to steel adhesive stickers on your nose. When the goggles are worn, your nose opens and breathing is increased, just like that!Photo by Chris Denison

Asterisk is more known for its knee braces than anything nose related, but now they have released their long awaited AC SYSTEM. The Asterisk AC SYSTEM is a two-part magnetic nasal dilation device for use in all off-road motorcycling goggle. The purpose of this device is to enhance your nasal breathing ability. Science has shown that nose breathing is the only way to properly condition the air you breathe for optimum performance. The AC SYSTEM functions magnetically. The steel nasal attachments and magnetic goggle clips allow room to flare the nostrils, enhancing your ability to nose breathe beyond normal capacity.

The complete AC kit is available for $59.99. That includes one (1) AC System goggle clip, Twenty (20) adhesive steel nasal attachment stickers (10 sets), ten (10) alcohol wipe pads and one (1) magnetic sticker applicator.Photo by Chris Denison
Designed to work with a variety of different goggles, the AC System isn’t just hot air: there is a lot of scientific research that supports nose breathing during athletic activity, with claims that blood flow is greatly increased compared to regular mouth breathing.Photo by Chris Denison

Our initial impression at Milestone is that this setup does exactly what it is designed to do—to allow the user to be able to breathe better. If you wear “Breathe-Rites” (like we do when we race) then you will absolutely want to try the AC SYSTEM. For those that are familiar, it is basically like having double the power of a Breathe-Rite on your nose. Setting up the Asterisk AC System is fairly painless. The only trick is to find the sweet spot to put the steel magnets on your nose. When we originally put the magnets on our nose, they were placed too low to and the magnets didn’t engage to spread out both nostrils. We re-positioned them upward slightly and found the goggle clip in the correct position and were good to go.

Once the goggles are in place and the AC SYSTEM is magnetized it can be described as having a port job through your nose. Air goes directly through your nostrils with zero hang-ups. Breathing through your nose is more apparent while riding and you will be able to feel increased airflow, especially during longer motos. We will continue to put the AC SYSTEM to the test and also try them in off-road conditions as well. Look for a complete DR Tested on the Asterisk AC SYSTEM in an upcoming issue of Dirt Rider Magazine.

Asterisk’s Frankie Garcia (left) show’s Dirt Rider’s Kris Keefer how to install the AC System. It went into this Oakley Airbrake goggle with zero trouble.Photo by Chris Denison
Keefer’s first experience with the AC System was...well, breathtaking. Kris commented that the increased flow took some getting used to, but was definitely greater than if you just ran a Breath-Rite-style adhesive system.Photo by Chris Denison
Of course, no product test is complete without copious amounts of track time! Our first impression of the AC System was definitely positive, and we can’t wait to give it a try off-road and over a longer duration (such as a long race). But from what we can tell, Asterisk is definitely on to something!Photo by Chris Denison