Alta has continually been making strides in the motorsports world with their electric motorcycles. On top of their recent signing of EnduroCross star Ty Tremaine, Alta has released new, significantly reduced pricing that puts them much closer to their gasoline-powered counterparts. The updated pricing has the Redshift MX retailing for $10,495, the Redshift EX listed at $12,995, and the Redshift SM at $13,495.

“We are pleased to offer the superior performance of the Alta Redshift platform for the first time at a price that is directly comparable to the premium bikes in our segment,” said Matthew Work, Chief Revenue Officer. “The promise of electric drivetrains is here today, no longer a promise in the future.”

Alta has released a new pricing structure for all three of their models. The Redshift EX (pictured) is priced at $12,995.Courtesy of Alta

On top of the reduced pricing for all three models, Alta continues to invest in the development of their machines as the 2018 Redshift MX features new hardware and software upgrades designed to crank out more horsepower and faster recharge times, with the goals of reducing weight and improving the overall reliability over the previous model year.

The Redshift MX model now retails for $10,495.Courtesy of Alta

“Growing demand and investments in our manufacturing and supply chain allow economies of scale that we can pass directly on to our customers,” said Marc Fenigstein, Founder and Chief Product Officer. “We are excited to be able to compare our machine head-to-head with the best in the market.”