Adam Enticknap Racing Announces the New Music Album HEAT 1 from 7deucedeuce

Adam Enticknap releases a new music album called HEAT 1, see what other Pro Motocross riders think of the album here.

Adam Enticknap, Heat 1, New Music
Adam Enticknap's new music album, HEAT 1Courtesy of Adam Enticknap Racing

Lompoc, CA (July 22, 2016) – Adam Enticknap Racing is thrilled to announce the release of the HEAT 1 album from 7deucedeuce, HEAT 1, available on iTunes, Google Play (for androids), Amazon, Tidal, iHeart Radio, Rhapsody, and Shazam on 7/22/2016.

HEAT 1 is the first album from 7deucedeuce and will fund his racing efforts for 2017 and beyond. All proceeds from the album will help get him to the starting gate for Heat 1 of Monster Energy Supercross. Songs on the album include fresh unreleased songs such as, “Ride Till I Am Dead” and, “One Thing,” as well as leaked songs like, “It’s LIT” and the Chad Reed intro song, “22.”

Everyone can make a huge difference in 2017, so buy this album and propel the 7deucedeuce forward to the starting line. His offseason training and preparation will be laser focused with the support of his fans funding his program with the purchase of the HEAT 1 album!

Not only has 7deucedeuce raced at the highest levels of Monster Energy Supercross and Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, he has previously written and released incredible songs like, “MOTO7” as well as hosted live movie premieres across the country for MOTO 7: The Movie.

"My favorite 7deucedeuce song was "It's LIT" until I heard "22," yet another banger he came out with. I am sure this will be a prerace pump-up song for many people." - Ken Roczen

"The 722 is back and better than ever. If you're a fan of moto and a fan of rap this is your album. Deucedeuce mixes both worlds in some of his best tracks yet." - Trey Canard

"It's an awesome thing to see Adam dabbling in something completely the opposite of motocross, and being successful in it. With this new album, the 722 is definitely going to turn some heads in the motocross industry and in the rap game!" - Weston Peick

"7deucedeuce's new album, HEAT 1, is an epic example of who he is as a rider and as a person! Love the music and what he's all about." - James Stewart