At Southwick Motocross 338, the seventh round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series, we tracked Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo through his day at Southwick. Adam came into the 7th round with some high hopes as the Floridian is familiar to the sandy conditions Southwick has. We will track Adam’s day from the 1st practice to the last lap of Moto 2.

Pro Circuit Suspension specialist Bones Bacon makes some last-minutes fork adjustments to Adam’s Showa forks.Rob Koy
Adam takes a practice start before the 1st practice session gets underway.Rob Koy
Adam takes the middle line through the famous Buckley Berm at Southwick. Adam ran a 2:11.748 on lap 4 of the session for the 4th fastest time of the session.Rob Koy
Back at the Pro Circuit tent between the practice sessions Adam describes to Mitch Payton and the team what his front end felt like on the sandy track during the 1st timed practice.Rob Koy
Bones make some more adjustments for the 2nd timed practice.Rob Koy
Adam got the best time in the first timed session which gave him the first gate pick in Moto 1.Rob Koy

Adam went out in the 2nd timed session to try and better his 1st timed session time. At Southwick this usually does not happen as the sandy track breaks apart and get rougher every time the bikes are on the track. Adam was able to beat his 1st session time by turning a 2:09.106 on his 6th lap of the session which gave him the best time of the session and the overall best time in the 250 class giving him the 1st gate pick in Moto 1.

Adam launches off the single going up the hill by the pits on his last lap of the 2nd timed session. Riders either tried to scrub this single or launch off to better their time.Rob Koy
AC was pumped on getting the top qualifying time out of the 2nd timed session.Rob Koy
Before the 1st Moto Adam works on getting a good practice start on his sight lap, keeping the rut as straight as possible so he can get off the gate straight and not lock bars with the riders on either side. Notice how some lines cross each other ten feet out of the gate.Rob Koy
Adam's mechanic Brandon Zimmerman shades Adam before the 1st Moto start. Adam looks intense as he wanted to capitalize on the 1st gate pick in Moto 1.Rob Koy
Adam found himself behind the the pack off the gate as his starts lately have not been good. He was pinched off by the other riders as he lined up 4th to the left of the doghouse.Rob Koy
Adam was credited with 40th place after the 1st lap. He fell at the berm before Buckley’s Berm and picked up his bike, then fell again in the next corner and got stuck under his bike. Adam said it took him a few laps to catch the field before he could make any passes.Rob Koy
Adam had to take different lines to make passes through the field. At one point in the race Adam thought the team would pull him off as he was not making far enough through the field to score any points. It took Adam 10 laps to break into the top twenty and score some points.Rob Koy
AC taking the outside line through the rollers to pass another rider as he made it to the top 20 position.Rob Koy
Adam jumping the old finish line over by the American legion. Adam said his bike was messed up after the 1st lap crashes. Check out the fork guard and the position of the clutch lever.Rob Koy
Adam was able to move up to 19th by lap 11 and made four more passes on the last five laps to finish 15th in Moto 1. Adam expected better results in the 1st Moto.Rob Koy
Adam’s start in Moto 2 was mid pack going into the 1st turn and he was credited with 15th place after the 1st lap. Adam says that his starts at the last few rounds have been horrible and he locked bars off the gate in Moto 2.Rob Koy
Adam said his fitness is as good as it has been in a while and he felt good in the 2nd Moto. He just needs to get out of this slump that he feels he is in. Adam was able to move up through the field and break into the top ten by lap 5.Rob Koy
Adam was able to work on his lines much better in Moto 2 and kept his momentum going through the sandy turns at Southwick.Rob Koy
The rain started to fall just after a few laps in the 2nd Moto and made it tough on the googles as the sand and rain made the vision limited. Many riders ditched their googles at the end of the moto. Adam was able the keep his googles on and move up to 9th place at the end of the moto.Rob Koy

Adam went 15-9 for 10th overall at Southwick and Adam is ready for the two week break as he needs to work on his starts and limit the mistakes so he can execute much better on raceday.