6D Unveils ATR-2 Helmet

Second generation off-road helmet

The new 6D ATR-2 helmet.Andrew Oldar

6D invited us out to Brian Deegan’s compound in Temecula, California, for the unveiling of its new helmet. The ATR-2 replaces the former ATR-1 as 6D’s flagship lid and features advanced Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS), designed to provide improved performance in both linear and angular acceleration mitigation. The new helmet is also rebuildable and provides a potentially longer service life.

A look inside the new ATR-2.Andrew Oldar

Two new safety elements that have been engineered into the ATR-2 are the “Brow Rib” and “Cervical Protection Zone.” The Brow Rib is designed to provide incremental strength to the upper eyeport area providing additional integrity to the shell nearest the eyeport opening. The Cervical Protection Zone resides inside the lower rear base of the helmet and is designed to provide a more compliant crushable region in the event the helmet is pushed down and back into the neck and spine during an accident.

6D hosted the unveiling of the ATR-2 at Brian Deegan’s compound in Temecula, California.Andrew Oldar

According to 6D, the ATR-2 comes in at a claimed weight of 3.26 pounds for a size medium, which is approximately 3.53 ounces (100 grams) lighter than the ATR-1. The new ATR-2 retails for $695 while the ATR-1, which will still be produced and sold, is reduced to around $500. A youth ATR-2 helmet is currently in development as well.

The ATR-2 has two new safety features – a “Brow Rib” and a “Cervical Protection Zone.”Andrew Oldar
The ATR-2 comes in at a claimed weight of 3.26 pounds for a size medium.Andrew Oldar
The ATR-2 retails for $695.Andrew Oldar