5 Tips On How To Pre-Jump In Extreme Terrain With Jordan Ashburn

How to use a small irregularity in the trail to unload over or pre-jump a nasty area in the trail

This article was originally published in the October 2017 issue of Dirt Rider.

Here we have a pretty fast downhill with a series of bumps or jumps.

Tip 1Shan Moore

At the very start of this section is a little rise with some roots just before it then there is a little low spot and then a double jump. If you hit the first jump too fast, it will throw you into the face of the double jump, so I decided to pre-jump off of a root just before the first little jump, and that allows me to get my wheels back on the ground quicker so I can set up for the double jump.

Tip 2Shan Moore

Just before the first little rise, or jump, I see a root and I hit it and unload my weight from the bike and pull the bike up and to me, so I lift the bike over the jump. If you grip the bike with your knees, it helps you to lift the bike up and over the obstacle.

Tip 3Shan Moore

You’re not really getting off the ground very high; you’re just trying to clear the jump so it doesn’t launch you into the air. I’m only get about 2 inches off the ground here. Once I land, I’m soaking up the landing and then getting ready to launch off the first peak of the double so I can land on the backside of the second one.

Tip 4Shan Moore
Tip 5Shan Moore