400 Tips & Tricks | Part 7

Key Advice Every Rider Should Know

The June 2016 issue marked Dirt Rider’s 400th issue, and to mark the milestone we put together 400 tips that might save the day, or just make the day go easier. We thought we’d show them to you again online, ten at a time, to help instill the wisdom into your brain so when the time comes you hear an expert bit of advice in your head.

Note: Tips that came from a specific source will have an attribute listed. Tips with no attribute have been pulled from Dirt Rider’s extensive library of content, including back issues of the magazine, dirtrider.com, and The Total Dirt Rider Manual. Enjoy!

400 Tips & Tricks Part 7
400 Tips & Tricks Part 7Dirt Rider

61: “Never remove a downed rider’s helmet if they have neck pain or trouble breathing.” —Asterisk Mobile Medical technician Joe Oehlhof

62: To jump lower, stay light as you meet the jump then weight the bike going up to compress the suspension as it goes up the takeoff.

63: Try a trials tire, but then ride like a trials rider; trials tires work and hook up when they are rolling, not when spinning.

64: Always keep some bend in your elbows so the bike can’t yank you off balance.

65: “If you knock the wind out of yourself, try getting on your knees and keeping your torso upright to help you get your breath back.” —Asterisk Mobile Medical technician Joe Oehlhof

66: Four-strokes can foul plugs—it’s an often-overlooked part when diagnosing a sick thumper.

67: Cable lubers work great, but a lubed cable will need regular re-lubing.

68: Got notches on your clutch basket or inner hub? Don’t file them smooth. You’ll create too much clearance and remove the surface’s hard coating.

69: If a given torque reading sounds way too high, make sure you’re not looking at a spec given in inch-pounds.

70: Vaseline on the inside/bottom of your goggle frame will grab any dirt bits that get inside.