400 Tips & Tricks | Part 6

Key Advice Every Rider Should Know

The June 2016 issue marked Dirt Rider’s 400th issue, and to mark the milestone we put together 400 tips that might save the day, or just make the day go easier. We thought we’d show them to you again online, ten at a time, to help instill the wisdom into your brain so when the time comes you hear an expert bit of advice in your head.

Note: Tips that came from a specific source will have an attribute listed. Tips with no attribute have been pulled from Dirt Rider's extensive library of content, including back issues of the magazine, dirtrider.com, and The Total Dirt Rider Manual. Enjoy!

400 Tips & Tricks Part 6
400 Tips & Tricks Part 6, Chain Adjusting ImageDirt Rider

51.) “Check your lower fork tubes for nicks. You can always take a burr off with a razor blade. You can take a little bit off. But if you start sanding, you’re getting the coating off too. That can ruin your forks.” —Oscar Wirdeman, Ken Roczen’s mechanic

52.) “If you’re going to reverse a rear tire, do it early because if you wait too long, you’ll lose the braking edge.” —Brady Becker of Dunlop

53.) Set your helmet’s visor high so it won’t block your vision when you’re riding aggressively.

54.) Put anti-seize on chain adjuster bolts to prevent an, “I wish I would have!” moment later.

55.) On off-camber turns with a rut, aim farther inside than normal with your front wheel to ensure your rear wheel makes it into the rut.

56.) Your bike likely came with clutch springs that are too soft in order to make the clutch pull feel easy at the dealership. Consider stiffer and/or aftermarket springs if you’re burning through clutches.

57.) Carb started overflowing mid-ride? Turn off the gas and ride until the bowl is empty. Then remove the carb drain bolt, get a container in place to catch the fuel, and tap on the carb as you turn the gas back on. There may have been a small piece of debris preventing your float valve from fully closing.

58.) Cut the bottoms of your carburetor overflow tubes at an angle, long side facing forward, to help prevent clogging.

59.) Always make sure both brakes are pumped up before a start so you actually make the first corner.

60.) Try an anti-static laundry spray (spray on, then wipe off) to prevent dust from sticking to your goggle lens.