400 Tips & Tricks | Part 3

Key Advice And Tips Every Rider Should Know

The June 2016 issue marked Dirt Rider’s 400th issue, and to mark the milestone we put together 400 tips that might save the day, or just make the day go easier. We thought we’d show them to you again online, ten at a time, to help instill the wisdom into your brain so when the time comes you hear an expert bit of advice in your head.

Note: Tips that came from a specific source will have an attribute listed. Tips with no attribute have been pulled from Dirt Rider’s extensive library of content, including back issues of the magazine, dirtrider.com, and The Total Dirt Rider Manual. Enjoy!

400 Tips & Tricks, Part 3
400 Tips & Tricks, Part 3DR Archives

21.) Don’t ride alone, and tell people where you’re going before heading out on a ride.

22.) If there is a kicker or hole at the top of a jump, stay on the gas to help prevent the rear from kicking up hard.

23.) Wear a jacket in hot, dry weather when riding high speeds to keep your hydration. It sounds odd, but it works.

24.) When seat-bouncing, you are loading the shock, so don’t let off on the throttle or stop pulling back on the bar until you are fully airborne.

25.) Lightly lube your axles with waterproof grease. It’s to prevent rust or corrosion.

26.) Taking a big adventure bike into soft sand? Try lowering the tire pressure a little.

27.) Ride one-way trails in the correct direction. If riders are going wrong, stop them and politely explain. They might not be aware.

28.) Clutch plate steels (drive plates) are stamped and have one sharper-edge side. Install them with this side facing out away from the engine.

29.) Don’t squeeze the grips. Handlebars are just placeholders for your controls.

30.) Don’t break in your boots any way other than riding in them. Most “secret techniques” will make your boots break down faster.

400 Tips, Part 3
400 Tips, Part 3DR Archives