400 Tips & Tricks | Part 2

Key Advice Every Rider Should Know

400 Tips & Tricks, Part 2
400 Tips & Tricks, Part 2From the DR Archives

The June 2016 issue marked Dirt Rider's 400th issue, and to mark the milestone we put together 400 tips that might save the day, or just make the day go easier. We thought we'd show them to you again online, ten at a time, to help instill the wisdom into your brain so when the time comes you hear an expert bit of advice in your head.

Note: Tips that came from a specific source will have an attribute listed. Tips with no attribute have been pulled from Dirt Rider's extensive library of content, including back issues of the magazine, dirtrider.com, and The Total Dirt Rider Manual. Enjoy!

400 Tips & Tricks Part 2
400 Tips & Tricks, Part 2From the DR Archives

11.) “Spark plugs can partially foul, and you might see a spark when you remove the plug, ground it, and kick the engine over, yet that plug might not create a spark inside the pressurized cylinder.” —Jerry Reeves, Autolite

12.) If you pack a muffler too tightly, it doesn’t deaden the sound because you’ve just created a straight tube for the sound to go out of. If that’s the case, have a friend put their foot over the hole on the end of the muffler and then rev the bike. It fluffs the muffler packing and makes the bike quieter.

13.) Rick Johnson worked out with weights during his racing career, something many riders advise against as it can worsen arm-pump. Johnson’s tip was to do push/pull exercises and never with a tight grip. He would push the bar/dumbbell or hook his fingers to pull, but he wouldn’t squeeze.

14.) An old saying is, “When you’re about to crash, hit the gas.” In some cases this can help straighten out the bike.

15.) In corners, look and face your shoulders in the direction you want to go.

16.) Occasionally inspect, clean, and lube your brake caliper pins. It must float on the pins to center itself.

17.) “Drink one sports drink for every three or four glasses of water so that you are also getting electrolytes into your system.” —Asterisk Mobile Medical technician Joe Oehlhof

18.) “A lot of times, if a guy gets a little bit of a flat spot in his rim and then he finds his spoke is loose, he’ll just tighten his spoke ’til it gets tight. The end result is the spoke is coming up into the tube area, and he thinks he did everything right. But the truth of it is, he didn’t seem do anything wrong, but he just did something that may cost him down the line.” —Doug Schopinsky, Pirelli

19.) Riding coach Bryan McDonald has a great tip: Point your inside toe in toward the wheel when turning. It puts your entire body in the correct position.

20.) Baby oil on your goggle’s foam will help catch dust.