2020 KTM SX And XC Models Announced

Two-stroke motocross and cross-country motorcycles, including the fuel-injected 300 XC TPI and 250 XC TPI

KTM now offers two-stroke cross-country models with the 300 XC TPI and 250 XC TPI.Courtesy of KTM

KTM has announced the details about its 2020 full-size two-stroke motocross and cross-country models. The biggest news is that the Austrian manufacturer now offers fuel-injected two-strokes intended for competition with the 300 XC TPI and 250 XC TPI. Both bikes feature Transfer Port Injection (TPI) fuel injection, the same system that's used on the 300 XC-W TPI and 250 XC-W TPI enduro bikes. An update to the TPI system is a new ambient air pressure sensor that's designed to improve altitude compensation. The XC TPIs also feature a new exhaust system that's intended to improve performance, reduce weight, and be more durable with the corrugated surface on the header pipe.

The 300 XC TPI and 250 XC TPI feature new exhaust systems. The header pipes have a corrugated surface for improved durability.Courtesy of KTM

All of KTM’s full-size two-strokes, including the 300 XC TPI, 250 XC TPI, 250 SX, 150 SX, and 125 SX, have a new fork piston and updated setting in the WP Xact air fork, a revised setting and new compression adjuster on the WP Xact shock, and new graphics. Changes that are specific to the 150 SX and 125 SX include reworked reeds for improved function and better sealing, a revised kickstart intermediate gear for improved durability, and the front sprocket now uses a screw and diaphragm spring instead of a circlip.

The entire SX and XC lineup (the 250 SX is pictured here) have updated WP Xact suspension components and new graphics.Courtesy of KTM
The 150 SX and 125 SX feature reworked reeds and a revised kickstart intermediate gear.Courtesy of KTM