2019 Youth Two-Stroke Dirt Bikes You Can Buy

Here are 16 youth two-stroke dirt bikes ranging from 50cc to 100cc that you can purchase in 2019

2019 Kawasaki KX100Courtesy of Kawasaki

It's a great time to be a youth dirt bike rider in 2019 for many reasons, one of which is how many different models parents and kids have to choose from. For just the two-stroke market alone, six manufacturers produce a total of 16 youth off-road motorcycles with engine sizes ranging from 50cc to 100cc.

While several of these bikes are designed for racing, others such as the Yamaha PW50 are aimed at entry-level youth riders with a fully automatic transmission, an adjustable throttle stop screw, and an 18.7-inch seat height. Yamaha also offers the YZ65, which is an all-new model for the Japanese manufacturer in 2019, as well as the YZ85, which also received a major face-lift in 2019.

2019 KTM 85 SXCourtesy of KTM
2019 Husqvarna TC 85Courtesy of Husqvarna
2019 Yamaha YZ85Courtesy of Yamaha

KTM is a major player in this market as well. In fact, all of the youth models KTM produces have two-stroke engines including the 85 SX, 65 SX, 50 SX, and 50 SX Mini. Husqvarna offers similar bikes with its TC 85, TC 65, TC 50, and TC 50 Mini.

2019 Kawasaki KX85Courtesy of Kawasaki
2019 Suzuki RM85Courtesy of Suzuki
TM MX 85Courtesy of TM

Kawasaki offers the largest engine size in this segment with its KX100, and just below that are the KX85 and KX65. Two additional manufacturers that produce 85cc-displacement machines are Suzuki with its RM85, and TM with its MX 85.

2019 KTM 65 SXCourtesy of KTM
2019 Husqvarna TC 65Courtesy of Husqvarna
2019 Yamaha YZ65Courtesy of Yamaha
2019 Kawasaki KX65Courtesy of Kawasaki
2019 KTM 50 SXCourtesy of KTM
2019 Husqvarna TC 50Courtesy of Husqvarna
2019 KTM 50 SX MiniCourtesy of KTM
2019 Husqvarna TC 50 MiniCourtesy of Husqvarna
2019 Yamaha PW50Courtesy of Yamaha