2019 Off-Road Factory Racebikes—Thorn Devlin’s GasGas XC 250

Spanish off-road two-stroke racebike

GasGas XC 250
Thorn Devlin’s GasGas XC 250 is basically stock with a few aftermarket items. The main thing he and his mechanic Justin MacBurnie focus on is dialing in the jetting as well as getting the suspension and handlebar set up to his liking.Steve Berkner

GasGas is making a splash in the Kenda AMA National Enduro and Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro series, behind the performances of Thorn Devlin, who is riding the 2019 XC 250 model. Devlin's mechanic, Justin MacBurnie, gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the Spanish off-road bike after the Sumter National Enduro in early February.

“The engine is pretty much stock,” MacBurnie said. “We’ve been doing some jetting [and] run race fuel 50/50 with pump gas. She’s running pretty good now. The pipe is an FMF with a Shorty silencer. The race fuel, the FMF Shorty, and the jetting make it a little snappier. It runs good stock, but it runs a little bit better now [with those modifications].”

Mitas tires
Michelin tires come stock on the GasGas off-road bikes, but Devlin prefers Mitas tires and likes the way they feel.Steve Berkner

The reeds are VForce, which come stock on the XC 250. “The only other thing you probably wouldn’t notice [is that] the whole electric start [has been] taken off [because] we don’t need it,” MacBurnie pointed out. “We raced a hare scramble last week and he got the holeshot, so the two-strokes [start] pretty easily. Removing the electric starter saved seven and a half pounds between the ring gear on the flywheel, the starter, the cover, the switch, the wiring, the voltage regulator, and the battery. We also took the mapping switch off [as it’s] just one more thing to rip off.

“Devlin is picky about his handlebar setup, levers, and hand guards,” MacBurnie continued. “He is pretty easy to work with though. If something’s a little bit off, he’ll be back in for sure. We have a practice bike that we run everything on, and then we just take it off and put it on this racebike. This bike has maybe an hour on it going into the race tomorrow, so it’s nice, fresh, and tight. We do our setups on the practice bike and switch it all over.”

Rekluse clutch cover
At the Sumter National Enduro, Devlin was running only the Rekluse clutch cover. He and his mechanic will test a Rekluse basket assembly soon, which they plan to run later in the year.Steve Berkner

Devlin runs Xtrig triple clamps to stiffen up the front end and give him a little better feedback. Holding the Renthal Fatbar in place are XCGear Mako 360 bar clamps, which are designed to reduce vibration and are very adjustable. For protection, he runs G2 wraparound brush guards. “He’s thinking about going with flags in the future as the wraparounds get in the way of his fingers,” MacBurnie said. “Coppersmith out of Ohio sets up the KYB suspension. I’ve been down here with [Coppersmith] for a couple weeks, so we’ve been doing some testing over at Battery Park and I think we have it pretty much dialed in.”

brake pads
Galfer supplies the brake pads and red braided lines.Steve Berkner

Devlin runs Mitas tires front and rear in place of the stock Michelins. The brake rotors are standard GasGas, while the pads and red braided lines are Galfer. He uses a Rekluse clutch cover and brake pedal tip and, according to MacBurnie, they’re going to test a Rekluse basket in the near future.

Other items on the Spanish off-road bike include a Seat Concepts seat, ARC levers, Evans Coolant, Zip-Ty axle puller, and S3 footpegs. “Thorn likes the S3 footpegs, though we have IMS pegs on his other bike,” MacBurnie noted. “I think we’re going to end up with S3 [pegs] on both bikes at some point. Those are what he likes to run. He’s comfortable with those, so we’ll stick with them.”