2019 Off-Road Factory Racebikes—Mario Roman’s Sherco 300 SE Factory

Roman’s Hard Enduro mount

Mario Roman’s Sherco 300 SE Factory bike.
Roman’s factory Hard Enduro bike starts out as a standard Sherco 300 SE Factory, and then he adds a few items to tailor it to his style, including a lower seat, a Renthal 996 handlebar without the cross brace, and suspension work by Sopro Suspension in Chattanooga, Tennessee.Shan Moore

With the World Enduro Super Series (WESS) kicking off in Portugal on May 10–12, we thought it would be a perfect time to check out Hard Enduro specialist Mario Roman's 2019 Sherco 300 SE Factory. We spoke to the Spaniard at this year's RevLimiter Extreme Enduro in Decatur, Texas, back in March, and he gave us some insight into how he sets up his bikes.

Roman had Phillip Graham of Sopro Suspension in Chattanooga, Tennessee, valve his KYB suspension front and rear, which he sets up very soft for Hard Enduro racing. Graham prepared Roman’s suspension at last year’s Tennessee Knockout and Roman liked it so much that he asked Graham to prep it for the RevLimiter.

Sherco 300 SE Factory right profile.
The FMF header pipe and silencer are stock components on the 300 SE Factory. Automatic clutches are popular in extreme enduro racing, but Roman prefers the standard Sherco clutch.Shan Moore

“I’m working with really, really soft suspension,” Roman said. “Sopro did a good job last year, so I called him and said, ‘I am coming over to the RevLimiter—can you prepare the same thing?’ So basically it’s set up like a trials bike. When you sit down, it’s super low and you feel all the rocks. It’s [getting] traction [all the] time.”

According to Roman, the sag is set between 122mm and 127mm, so it’s pretty low. A low seat is another item he insists on running, which allows him to “foot” his way through the tougher sections.

“I want to make sure that I arrive with both feet on the ground,” Roman said. “Also, my seat is low. I put a small bump in the middle so I don’t slide [back on] really steep uphills.”

The triple clamps are Neken with the standard Sherco offset. The stock handlebar that comes on the Shercos are made by Oxia, but Roman swapped them out for a Renthal 996 bar with the crossbar removed to allow for a little more flex.

X-Grip Sling Fast
Here’s a good look at the X-Grip Sling Fast, which allows a buddy (or a spectator) to pull Roman out of sticky situations.Shan Moore

“I like the flexibility of the handlebar like that without the pad,” Roman told us. “[That way] it’s more comfortable, [and you do] not hit the handlebar so [much] when you are in the front of the bike.”

Other items Roman adds to his 300 SE Factory are a TM Designworks skid plate with a linkage guard, a TM Designworks chain guide, a cooling fan, and front and rear rotor guards. On the fork he also mounts an X-Grip Sling Fast, which is a device he can use to pull himself out of tough spots.

TM Designworks skid plate on Mario Roman’s Sherco 300 SE Factory
Roman runs a TM Designworks skid plate, an aftermarket item he insists on using for Hard Enduro.Shan Moore

On the rear, Roman runs a Mitas tire with the double green stripe, which is the super-tacky model. Up front, he ran a Michelin that is not available in the United States. The mousse Roman ran looked like it had been through the shootout at the O.K. Corral because of all the holes he had drilled in it. It looked like it had more holes than rubber!

Roman does very little to the engine. The FMF header pipe and silencer are stock components on the 300 SE Factory, and he works with the factory during the off-season to come up with the settings.

Neken triple clamps with the standard Sherco offset.
The triple clamps are Neken with the standard Sherco offset. You can also see where the crossbar used to be on the Renthal 996 handlebar. Roman likes the added flex with the crossbar removed.Shan Moore

“I worked [with] the factory before this engine was ready,” Roman said. It’s a new engine and I really love [it] a lot. It’s super smooth. From the beginning, you can go and win. It’s nice.”

The clutch is completely standard. Roman is not a fan of automatic clutches.

“I don’t like [auto clutches] so much,” Roman said. “I think it’s good for amateurs or for [an] easy ride, but not for us [pro racers].