2019 Minnesota National MotoTrials Report

Pat Smage sweeps again at rounds 3 and 4.

Pat Smage has won all four of the NATC/AMA US National MotoTrials so far in 2019. He has also cleaned two of the rounds.Shan Moore

FactoryOne/RYP/Sherco's Pat Smage continues to rampage through the NATC/AMA US MotoTrials Series. With his latest sweep of the Minnesota rounds, his win total stands at four for 2019.

The Minnesota event featured a two-lap event for the pros, topped off by a four-section “shootout” in the afternoon that they rode twice each. Since only the pros rode, the sections were difficult and spectacular. Amazingly, Smage cleaned all eight attempts.

Alex Niederer was off his game on Saturday and finished seventh. However, the GasGas North America rider jumped to fourth on Sunday.Shan Moore

FactoryOne/RYP/Scorpa’s Karl Davis Jr. was the best of the rest, with a second and a third over the course of the two-day event. GasGas North America brought a couple of players in the form of Daniel Blanc-Gonnet and Alex Niederer. Blanc-Gonnet went 4-2 while Niederer had a seventh and a fourth.

Venezuelan trials champ David Avendaño finished third on Saturday, but he had a bad day on Sunday, finishing sixth. Avendaño sits second in the series standings after four rounds.Shan Moore

Seven-time Venezuelan champ David Avendaño (Vertigo) was on form on Saturday with a third-place finish, but fell apart on Sunday, finishing sixth. FactoryOne/RYP/Sherco’s Josh Roper was super consistent with a pair of fifth-place results.

Sam Fastle rode better than he scored in Minnesota. Fastle is solid and one of the best on the circuit on the really big obstacles.Shan Moore

2019 Minnesota National MotoTrials Pro Class Results - Saturday

Position Rider Brand
1 Pat Smage Sherco | 2
2 Karl Davis Jr. Scorpa | 28
3 David Avendaño Vertigo | 29
4 Daniel Blanc-Gonnet GasGas | 30
5 Josh Roper Sherco | 41
6 Alex Myers Scorpa | 48
7 Alex Niederer GasGas | 49
9 Andreas Niederer Beta | 65
10 Sam Fastle Sherco | 77
Coming off a second-place finish the week before in Nebraska, Alex Myers went 7-6 in Minnesota.Shan Moore

2019 Minnesota National MotoTrials Pro Class Results - Sunday

Position Rider Brand
1 Pat Smage Sherco | 0
2 Daniel Blanc-Gonnet GasGas | 27
3 Karl Davis Jr. Scorpa | 30
4 Alex Niederer GasGas | 35
5 Josh Roper Sherco | 37
6 David Avendaño Vertigo | 42
7 Alex Myers Scorpa | 44
8 Andreas Niederer Beta | 57
9 Sam Fastle Sherco | 65
Less than a year ago, Phil Smage was paralyzed from the neck down. This weekend he rode a National trial in Minnesota. Phil entered the Clubman class, which is a relatively easy course, but the dude finished, and with only 50 percent use of his arms and hands! A couple of times, Phil pulled in the clutch and couldn’t let it out. What a legend!Shan Moore

2019 Pro Class Championship Point Standings

Position Rider Brand Points
1 Pat Smage Sherco 120
2 David Avendaño Vertigo 75
3 Karl Davis Jr. Scorpa 74
4 Alex Niederer GasGas 71
5 Daniel Blanc-Gonnet GasGas 68
  Alex Myers Scorpa 68
7 Josh Roper Sherco 64
8 Sam Fastle Sherco 51
9 Andreas Niederer Beta 48
10 Jan Peters TRS 39
Josh Roper has been consistent throughout the series and grabbed a pair of fifth-place finishes in Minnesota.Shan Moore
Defending Women’s Pro champion Maddie Hoover is on track to defend her title with four straight wins in the series.Shan Moore