2019 Lone Star Hare & Hound Race Report

Another win for Jacob Argubright while Pro 250 winner Cole Kirkpatrick is third overall

Kendall Norman
The race started similarly to last year, with Kendall Norman jumping out to an early lead over quick-starting local Cole Kirkpatrick, who felt he had an advantage with his KTM 250 SX on the shorter hare scramble-type start as well as the rest of the race with its more enduro-type trails.Mark Kariya

Although his start wasn’t the best at the Lubbock Trail Riders’ Lone Star National in Kalgary, Texas, Off-road Support/TBT Racing/Kawasaki’s Jacob Argubright didn’t panic. “After my start today, I was thinking, ‘Well, I really don’t know if I can do it, but it happened last round, so I think I can do it,’ ” he said.

Just last month at the opening round of the Kenda/SRT AMA Hare & Hound National Championship Series, presented by FMF, the privateer star found himself in similar circumstances, but he didn't surrender. "I'm more mellow this year," he explained. "I knew I had some work to do on the start, so I just kind of went to work."

Jacob Argubright
Norman led for much of the first half of the race, but when he fell after catching something on a boulder, he forfeited that to Jacob Argubright (in background) who went on to win while Norman dropped back to an eventual fourth.Mark Kariya

Little by little, he worked his way toward the front until only 2018 series champ Kendall Norman lay ahead as they wound their way through the long, twisty section called “Toothpick” on the second 30-mile loop. “I had Argubright on me for, like, 15 miles and I just threw it away on this big-ass boulder [going up a hill at the end of that loop],” Norman said. (He wasn’t the only one.)

From that point on, it was all Argubright as he claimed his second win in a row, though this one may have been more physical as he pointed out, "It was like a corner track for 90 miles. It was fun, but I'm tired."

Beta USA’s Joe Wasson finished one minute and six seconds behind (matching his best-to-date result from last year’s finale) with Gnarly Routes KTM’s Cole Kirkpatrick third overall and the Pro 250 winner.

The Lone Star
The Lone Star was tough on equipment! Nasty Texas bushes ripped Argubright’s radiator shroud off and he put it down to avoid an antelope (a career first), losing his visor. Despite that, he took his second straight series triumph and owns a clear lead in points over runner-up Joe Wasson, 60-46.Mark Kariya

For local rider Kirkpatrick, the result made up for running out of fuel while doing well here last year. In fact, it was likely his best finish (and first podium) for a national-caliber event in the 10 years since he retired from the AMA Enduro National Championship circuit. And being more of an enduro rider, he’s always been more comfortable on slower, more technical trails, which the Lone Star provided in abundance as all the series regulars pointed out.

He got a great start on his 250 SX, challenging Norman for the lead until giving it up voluntarily. “I checked up once I got into the riverbed [shortly after the start] because I had no business leading those guys in that fast stuff!” Kirkpatrick admitted. “My focus on the first loop—I think I was as far back as seventh or eighth—but I just wanted to stay loose. I knew it was going to get tighter as the day went on, so I really tried to focus on conserving some energy.” He continued, “This is such a long race, any wasting of energy is just going to destroy you on the last loop.”

Lubbock Trail Riders
Although he dropped back on the first loop, that was a calculated move on Kirkpatrick’s part as he knew the race would only get tougher. Sure enough, the Lubbock Trail Riders kept tightening the screws and made riders work harder as the miles passed, and Kirkpatrick picked off all but two to end up third overall and the Pro 250 winner.Mark Kariya

As the race wore on, he and Beta USA’s Chance Fullerton went at it for a number of miles until the 2018 Pro 250 champ (now riding in the Open Pro division on his 430 RR Factory Edition) blew a turn enough for Kirkpatrick to get by for good.

“I kept trying to stay motivated because I knew the race was almost over and my body was hurting, but I was doing good—that’s encouraging,” Kirkpatrick shared. “I saw Kendall and I could tell he wasn’t riding like Kendall should. I rode with him for a minute, then he blew a corner and I got by him and tried to keep hammering down in the tight stuff because I still knew we were going to have to run down that riverbed and I didn’t want to drag race his Honda 450 (Norman was still on last year’s CRF450X race bike) or him in that riverbed!"

Brandy Richards
She may be looking back as she exits her pit, but Brandy Richards was miles ahead and easily captured Pro Women for the second straight round, besting runner-up Sharon Mowell by more than 23 minutes and finishing an impressive 26th overall.Mark Kariya

Norman held on for fourth followed by Fullerton, Purvines Racing Yamaha’s Nick Burson (who’d crashed along with Wasson off the start), Johnny Campbell Racing (JCR) Honda’s Ricky Brabec, GasGas rider Clayton Gerstner, Cycle Shack KTM local Ryan Grantom, and Beta USA’s Zane Roberts, the Pro 250 runner-up.

Camden Stiehl
Camden Stiehl not only won 250cc A, he was first A rider at 13th overall, a minute and a half over Corbin McPherson, another 250cc A rider. Stiehl leads the class points after two rounds Coincidentally, both made the drive from Utah.Mark Kariya

Afterward, Kirkpatrick summed up the feeling of lining up as a local against the National stars once more: “It’s super-fun! I’m glad the Hare & Hound series came out here [again]. It’s a long haul [for them] and it’s definitely different than what these guys are used to, but it’s still really cool to line up next to guys like Kendall and Ricky. It was a great turnout and hopefully everybody has a safe trip home and comes back out again next year. I don’t know [if] my body can handle that [again]! I thought I’d been doing pretty good at home riding, but the lining up and racing, there’s no substitute for that. Today was a lot of fun and I’ll be walking funny tomorrow, I’m sure!”

Otto Pearson
Otto Pearson ran it in hard to the first turn and never let up, winning the Big Wheel class for the first time. (Little brother Malcolm earned third in the Micro Mini race while big brother Axel was 11th overall in Sunday’s National.)Mark Kariya
Mini 85cc 12-15 podium
The Mini 85cc 12-15 podium (from left): runner-up Jayden Waugh, winner (and class point leader) Jett Lessing, and third-place finisher Ruffin Dodson.Mark Kariya
Ari Myrdal
Ari Myrdal comes up pit row en route to winning Girls 12-15 over Ashley East.Mark Kariya
Maddix Park
The smallest racers show their trophies. From left, Pee Wee runner-up T.J. Wasson, winner (for the second round in a row) Maddix Park, and third-place Bryson TeSam. (T.J. told dad Joe that since he podiumed, Joe had to podium the next day—talk about pressure!)Mark Kariya

2019 Lone Star Hare & Hound National Overall Results

Position Rider Brand
1 Jacob Argubright Kawasaki
2 Joe Wasson Beta
3 Cole Kirkpatrick KTM
4 Kendall Norman Honda
5 Chance Fullerton Beta
6 Nick Burson Yamaha
7 Ricky Brabec Honda
8 Clayton Gerstner GasGas
9 Ryan Grantom KTM
10 Zane Roberts Beta

2019 Overall Championship Point Standings

Position Rider Brand Points
1 Jacob Argubright Kawasaki 60
2 Joe Wasson Beta 46
3 Ricky Brabec Honda 39
4 Kendall Norman Honda 31
5 Nick Burson Yamaha 30
6 Chance Fullerton Beta 28
7 Axel Pearson Yamaha 24
8 Cole Kirkpatrick KTM 21
Zane Roberts Beta 21
10 Tyler Lynn Yamaha 18