Leatt recently introduced its 2019 GPX gear line consisting of helmets, neck braces, knee braces, and motocross/off-road gear. Dirt Rider had the opportunity to take a look at the South African brand’s new lineup at its North American headquarters in Santa Clarita, California.

GPX 5.5 helmet
Three colorways of the GPX 5.5 helmet including ink/blue (top right), black/lime (bottom left), and red/teal (bottom right).Evan Allen

GPX Helmets

Leatt produces three helmets: the GPX 6.5 Carbon, GPX 5.5 Composite, and GPX 4.5 Polymer. All three lids share the same internals and are only separated by material construction and a slight shell design change for its most affordable helmet, the GPX 4.5 Polymer. They’re all constructed with a multi-density V-shaped impact foam, a breakaway visor, Dri-Lex liner, and use high energy-absorbing internal turbines. With the development of its V-shaped foam, which is intended to transfer impact energy laterally, Leatt claims to have been able to reduce shell size by 10 percent, which it also claims reduces rotational forces on the neck in a crash situation by up to 20 percent.

GPX 6.5 Carbon (top), GPX 5.5 (middle), and GPX 3.5 (bottom)
Leatt’s neck braces for 2019 include the GPX 6.5 Carbon (top), GPX 5.5 (middle), and GPX 3.5 (bottom).Evan Allen

GPX Neck Braces

Leatt is certainly most well-known for neck protection. The brand’s neck braces are relatively unchanged for 2019 with the biggest news in this category being the GPX 3.5 neck brace. It’s non-rebuildable and constructed of a non-flexible polyamide-reinforced EPS platform. It’s also Leatt’s most budget-friendly neck brace. The GPX 6.5 Carbon and GPX 5.5 are unchanged for 2019.

X-Frame (left), C-Frame Junior (middle), and C-Frame Carbon (right)
A look at Leatt’s knee brace lineup including the X-Frame (left), C-Frame Junior (middle), and C-Frame Carbon (right).Evan Allen

GPX Knee Braces

Leatt’s high-end C-Frame Pro Carbon knee brace offers a single-sided, mono-hinge construction with a three-point force distribution system that is intended to strategically spread energy throughout the knee brace chassis. It also offers the X-Frame knee brace that has a more traditional design. Unlike the C-Frame knee brace, with its single-sided hinge, the X-Frame has an asymmetrical hinge. This hinge system is designed with a 60-to-40-percent bias favoring the outside of the knee in an effort to provide closer contact to the bike on the inside of the knee without sacrificing protection.

GPX 5.5 Ultraweld
The GPX 5.5 Ultraweld black jersey and GPX 5.5 I.K.S black pant.Evan Allen

GPX Off-Road Gear

Leatt offers three separate gear lines including the GPX 5.5 Ultrawled, GPX 4.5 X-Flow, and GPX 4.5 Lite. The jersey for all three are developed with a MoistureCool stretch mesh while the pants are constructed with rip-stop stretch and an Internal Knee Brace System (I.K.S). In an effort to provide comfort and functionality, Leatt utilizes stretch materials throughout the entire pant while strategically placing abrasion-resistant materials in appropriate areas.

GPX 1.5 GripR gloves
Two designs of the GPX 1.5 GripR gloves including gold/teal (left) and Stadium (right).Evan Allen

For the rugged off-roader and those who ride in cold weather, Leatt has a range of jackets. Beginning with its heaviest-duty item, the GPX 5.5 Enduro is constructed with a water-resistant shell, strategic stretch panels, removable sleeves, a rear storage pocket, and an internal hydration system that holds a 3-liter water bladder. The GPX 4.5 X-Flow shares similar features to the GPX 5.5 Enduro, but with a more minimalistic design. It uses a ventilated X-Flow shell, removable sleeves, a rear storage pocket, and an internal hydration system. Finally, for the single-track woods rider or GNCC racer, the GPX 4.5 Lite was developed with a lightweight, water-resistant, flexible soft shell with removable sleeves and a rear storage pocket.

GPX 5.5 Enduro
The GPX 5.5 Enduro is Leatt’s heaviest-duty jacket.Evan Allen
Trey Canard’s neck brace
Trey Canard’s neck brace was on display.Evan Allen
Ryan Sipes
Leatt rider Ryan Sipes was on hand to join the festivities and check out the 2019 gear.Evan Allen