2019 Kawasaki KX450 Componentry

A closer look at the all-new 2019 components compared with the 2018 parts

The 2019 Kawasaki KX450 is new from the ground up, with an all-new electric start-equipped engine, Showa 49mm coil spring fork, and completely revised chassis. Kawasaki laid out most of the new componentry for the KX450 to not only provide us with the opportunity to see the new parts, but also to show the differences between the all-new 2019 bike and the previous year model.

We asked Kawasaki USA Product Manager Croft Long to take us through some of the all-new components on the ’19 KX450. In the engine, he shows us the all-new electric starter motor and lithium-ion battery along with the new cylinder head, camshafts, piston, throttle body, and air filter. The chassis is another area that was significantly changed for 2019, and Croft explains those in further detail beginning with the new frame followed by the swingarm, fuel tank, seat, footpegs, footpeg mounts, and front axle.