2019 High Point Motocross Amateur Days

Amateur racing on pro weekend.

Timmy Crosby jumps at the
Timmy Crosby posted a pair of moto wins to top the 250 All Star A/B class at the 2019 High Point Motocross Amateur Day.Mimi Greiner

The 2019 High Point Amateur Motocross, round 5 of the PAMX Thor Championship Spring Series, took place on June 14–16 at High Point Raceway in Mount Morris, Pennsylvania. Held the day after the High Point round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series, the amateur motocross is part of MX Sports Pro Racing's expanded amateur racing program, which provides some of the fastest amateurs in the country an opportunity to compete on the same course as the top professionals in the world. The program was established to promote the continued growth of the amateur racing component of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

Racing on the same track as the pros is an opportunity that's both inspiring and educational for our up-and-coming amateur riders. Timmy Crosby, the winner of the 250 All Star A/B class and one of the 721 entries at the High Point event, shared his thoughts on getting to race on the same track as the pros, and his sentiments are shared throughout the pits.

“This is always my favorite weekend of the year,” Crosby said. “The track is in such good shape from all the prep they did getting it ready for the pro race, and it’s so cool to race on it the day after the pros.”

Crosby (Yamaha) won both motos in the 250 All Star A/B class, his 1-1 performance topping Vincent Luhovey’s 2-2 for the overall victory. Crosby led from start to finish in moto 1; however, Luhovey (Suzuki) put up a fight in moto 2.

“Luhovey got off the line in front of me in the second moto, but I was able to get by him before the end of the lap,” Crosby explained. “I had a good line in the rollers and I was able to double the whole way through and I think he doubled the first two, but had to roll the rest of it so I was able to get him there. Once I got by him, he just kind of stayed right there until the finish.”

Jason McConnell Jr. races at the 2019 High Point Motocross Amateur Days.
Jason McConnell Jr. parlayed a consistent 2-2 performance into the overall win in the Open A class.Mimi Greiner

Jarrett Thompson (Yamaha) went 3-3 for third overall in the 250 All Star A/B class.

The Jr. Mini (7-13) class featured a great battle between Blake Pressdee and Logan Hilliard. In moto 1, Pressdee (KTM) and Hilliard (Husqvarna) swapped the lead several times during the first few laps, with Pressdee making a decisive pass on the final lap over the Ricky Carmichael Catapult jump to take the win. The second moto started much the same as the first; however, Pressdee was able to separate himself from the pack midway into the race to claim another win.

Pressdee took the overall win with his two moto victories, while Hilliard settled into the runner-up slot, and Breyden Campbell (Kawasaki) went 3-3 for third.

Hilliard returned later in the day to win the Mini Sr. (12-15) class with a pair of moto wins. Breyden Campbell (Kawasaki) was second overall with a 3-2 finish, and Alex Schnur (Husqvarna) was third with a 2-3 score.

“High Point is my favorite track on earth,” Hilliard said. “It was so cool to get to watch the pros on Saturday and then to win in the Mini Sr class today; it was awesome.”

In the 250 B race, Jacob Lesko fought off challenges by Jurek Rubalcava to claim the overall win, posting a 1-1 finish compared to 2-2 for Rubalcava.

“Rubalcava was right on me in both motos,” Lesko said. “He pulled right next to me, but I was able to keep him behind me to take the win. This is my first overall win at this track and I’m excited about it.”

Bradley Nowakowski posted a pair of thirds to claim third overall.

Steve Roman races at the 2019 High Point Motocross Amateur Days.
Steve Roman was busy at High Point. The Suzuki rider won the 25+ and 30+ classes and finished second in the Open A class.Mimi Greiner

The Senior age classes featured some of the biggest entries of the day, and Export, Pennsylvania’s Steve Roman came out on top of the highly competitive 25+ class with a perfect 1-1 moto tally. Meanwhile, Michael Fowler finished second overall with a 2-2 moto tally, while Billy Kibler rounded out the podium with a 3-3 finish.

Roman also swept the 30+ class, winning both motos to take the overall win ahead of Nathaniel Kronk’s 3-2 and Billy Kibler’s 2-3. Roman won the opening moto of the Open A class, beating Jason McConnell and Timmy Crosby to the checkered flag.

“I got off to an awesome start in that first moto and just rode my race,” Roman said. “I felt like I was picking up time on those guys in some of the downhill areas and High Point has a lot of downhill sections.”

Vincent Luhovey races on dirt at the 2019 High Point Motocross Amateur Days.
Vincent Luhovey won the Four-Stroke class, finished second in the 250 All Star A/B class, and third in the Open A class.Mimi Greiner

Vincent Luhovey took control of the second moto, crossing the finish line ahead of McConnell and Roman. After the moto scores were counted, McConnell’s 2-2 performance was good enough to take the overall win, with Roman finishing second with his 1-3 score. Luhovey rounded out the podium with a 4-1 finish for third overall.

In the Schoolboy 1 (12-16) class, Jaydon McCurdy beat Calen Suto and Tyler Capane to win the first moto. The second moto was an exact replay of the first, giving McCurdy the overall with a perfect 1-1 score. Suto (2-2) was second overall, and Capane (3-3) third.

In the Supermini (12-15) class, McCurdy used consistency to claim the overall win a pair of runner-up moto finishes. Breyden Campbell was second overall with two third-place moto finishes, while Alex Schnur finished third overall with a first and a fifth in the two motos.

Reid Miller (1-1) won the Open B class over Jacob Lesko (3-2) and Robert Perri (2-3). Miller also won both motos in the Collegeboy (14-24) B/C class, taking the win over Joseph Balkovic’s 3-2 and Kevin Flemm’s 2-3. Other class winners included Tyler Capane (2-1) in the 125 B/C class, Maya Edwards (1-1) in Women 12+, Blake Pressdee (1-1) in the 65cc (10-11) class, and Neal Hart (1-1) in the 40+ class.