2019 Colorado National MotoTrials Report

10-time US Trials champ Pat Smage remains undefeated.

Pat Smage races at the 2019 Colorado National MotoTrials.
Pat Smage described the Colorado sections as intimidating, and that may have had an effect on his performance on Saturday. “When I first saw the sections, I wasn’t excited for the weekend,” Smage said. “There were a couple of sections that I just couldn’t figure out on the first two laps, and that’s where Daniel [Blanc-Gonnet] was getting me. Going into the final lap, I knew I had to at least try to turn it around. I had to try everything I could think of and finally I started riding a little bit better. It was definitely a tough day, but Daniel rode really well. It was cool to have him pushing till the end and I’m happy to come away with the win.”Shan Moore

FactoryOne/RYP/Sherco's Pat Smage claimed his fifth and sixth wins of the season at rounds 5 and 6 of the 2019 NATC/AMA US MotoTrials Series in Howard, Colorado. Smage had to work hard for his win on Saturday, after being pushed to the final sections of the day by GasGas North America's Daniel Blanc-Gonnet. After three loops of 12 sections set in rugged, high-altitude terrain, Smage ended up escaping with the win by just four points over Blanc-Gonnet.

Karl Davis Jr. races at the 2019 Colorado National MotoTrials.
Karl Davis Jr. suffered a hair-raising crash on Saturday, on a section that the rest of the Pro class punched out of on the first two loops. “The sections were very intimidating—some of the most intimidating sections I’ve seen in quite a few years,” Davis said. “Sections six and twelve gave us the biggest problems; they seemed pretty impossible. The rest of them were still intimidating, but rideable.”Shan Moore

FactoryOne/RYP/Scorpa’s Karl Davis Jr. turned in some spectacular rides to finish third, while rookie pro riders Alex Myers (FactoryOne/RYP/Scorpa) and Josh Roper (FactoryOne/RYP/Sherco) rounded out the top five. Myers finished fourth with 91 points, edging out Roper by just two points.

Alex Niederer races at the 2019 Colorado National MotoTrials.
Alex Niederer turned in his best performance of the year on Sunday with an impressive runner-up finish.Shan Moore

On Sunday, Smage was determined to keep an advantage over the young guns out to get him and he led the way with a 17-point opening lap, which was half as much as GasGas North America’s Alex Niederer’s 34-point lap. Davis was one-point back with 35, while Blanc-Gonnet was next with 38. Smage’s second lap score of 19 points followed up by a seven-point final lap enabled him to claim his sixth win of the season with a total of 33 for the day.

Blanc-Gonnet races at the 2019 Colorado National MotoTrials.
Blanc-Gonnet admitted he was nervous about leading Smage during Saturday’s event. “I felt like I had good rides, moments of brilliance, but then just stupid mistakes,” Blanc-Gonnet said. “But I’m super excited with the day. I kind of tried to just keep it out of my mind that I was winning. I was pretty nervous, but I felt like I held it together pretty well. I improved on my last lap, so I was consistently getting better, which is good. For me it was like these ticky-tack dabs everywhere, which add up pretty quick. Pat doesn’t make those mistakes, but I think the difference was that there were one or two sections that I just had the extra power in this altitude with my bike.”Shan Moore

Niederer, Vertigo USA’s David Avendaño, Blanc-Gonnet, and Davis were all in a tight battle for the remaining podium positions, with Niederer ending up with the runner-up slot for Sunday with a total of 76. Avendaño grabbed the final step of the podium with a total of 91 points, while Blanc-Gonnet and Davis rounded out Sunday’s top five, with Blanc-Gonnet missing the podium by a single point with a 92-point total for the day. Meanwhile, Davis was further back at 107.

After the completion of six rounds, Smage has remained a perfect 6-0 in this year’s series and will most likely clinch a record-breaking 11th US National MotoTrials Championship title this weekend in Oregon.

David Avendaño races at the 2019 Colorado National MotoTrials.
David Avendaño DNFed Saturday’s event due to an electrical problem, but he came back strong on Sunday with a solid third-place finish.Shan Moore

2019 Colorado National MotoTrials Pro Class Results - Saturday

Position Rider Brand
1 Pat Smage Sherco | 45
2 Daniel Blanc-Gonnet GasGas | 49
3 Karl Davis Jr. Scorpa | 80
4 Alex Myers Scorpa | 91
5 Josh Roper Sherco | 93
6 Alex Niederer GasGas | 94
7 Sam Fastle Sherco | 105
8 Andreas Niederer Beta | 133

2019 Colorado National MotoTrials Pro Class Results - Sunday

Position Rider Brand
1 Pat Smage Sherco | 33
2 Alex Niederer GasGas | 76
3 David Avendaño Vertigo | 91
4 Daniel Blanc-Gonnet GasGas | 92
5 Karl Davis Jr. Scorpa | 107
6 Alex Myers Scorpa | 112
7 Sam Fastle Sherco | 119
8 Josh Roper Sherco | 134
9 Andreas Niederer Beta | 140

2019 NATC MotoTrials Pro Class Championship Point Standings

Position Rider Brand Points
1 Pat Smage Sherco 180
2 Daniel Blanc-Gonnet GasGas 111
  Karl Davis Jr. Scorpa 111
  Alex Niederer GasGas 111
5 Alex Myers Scorpa 101
6 David Avendaño Vertigo 96
7 Josh Roper Sherco 93
8 Sam Fastle Sherco 79
9 Andreas Niederer Beta 73
10 Jan Peters TRS 39
Alex Myers races at the 2019 Colorado National MotoTrials.
Alex Myers finished fourth and sixth in Colorado. The FactoryOne/RYP/Scorpa rider finished a surprising second at round 2 of the series in Nebraska a few weeks ago.Shan Moore
Sam Fastle races at the 2019 Colorado National MotoTrials.
Sam Fastle catapults over a rock ledge with the Sangre de Cristo Range in the background.Shan Moore
Will Myers races at the 2019 Colorado National MotoTrials.
Will Myers won the Expert class on both days in Colorado.Shan Moore
Maddie Hoover races at the 2019 Colorado National MotoTrials.
Maddie Hoover swept the Women’s Pro class.Shan Moore
Jay Gregorowicz races at the 2019 Colorado National MotoTrials.
Beta USA’s Jay Gregorowicz fights to hold onto a clean in section two on Saturday.Shan Moore