2019 Beta Xtrainer Review

Filling the gap between trailbikes and competition off-road bikes.

The 2019 Beta Xtrainer is a very interesting bike. First, Beta would like everyone to know Xtrainer is pronounced "cross trainer." The bike is aimed at an entry-level off-road rider, but has a few features that might make you think it could be a competition off-road or maybe a hard enduro bike. It comes with 21-inch front wheel, 18-inch rear wheel, and full-sized brakes, handlebars, and controls. Sitting on the bike, you immediately notice a slightly lower seat height and a very narrow chassis. The best way to describe the overall size of the bike is somewhere between a 125cc motocross bike and a KTM Freeride 250F.

2019 Beta Xtrainer riding in front of mountain.
The 2019 Beta Xtrainer is designed to be an entry-level off-road bike.Jeff Allen


2019 Beta Xtrainer and rider posing in desert.
The 293cc two-stroke engine is derived from the Beta 300 RR, but it has a few additional components to make the power delivery a little more user-friendly.Jeff Allen

The electric start-equipped 300cc engine is derived from the Beta 300 RR. However, it’s tuned with milder cylinder porting, spacers in the intake and power valve, and more of a trials-type header pipe. It also has a Keihin 36mm carburetor that is about as spot-on as you could ask for considering the jetting is designed to work almost everywhere. It is oil injected, so there are no worries about premixing or grabbing the wrong gas can.

The power delivery is electric and easy to ride. While it’s detuned, it’s certainly not slow. It’s easy enough to control for the entry-level rider so one won’t get intimidated. There is also plenty of extra power on tap for an intermediate or even expert-level rider. The Xtrainer is most comfortable in low to midrange rpm situations. It has lots of torque and still revs out, but without excitement.

The bike suffers from a fair amount of two-stroke vibration; a counterbalancer would be a welcomed addition to minimize it. The dual map switch has a sun and rain option, but while the differences are noticeable, they are confusing. We’re not sure the rain option does exactly what it is intended for. It seems like it increases the torque, maybe a little too much off the bottom, but it still mellows the hit. Since the Xtrainer is not all about big power and is based on the 300 RR engine, this would be a great starting point for Beta to offer a fuel-injected two-stroke engine.

The six-speed transmission gives you a gear for just about all possible situations. It’s classified as wide-ratio, but it’s easily offset by the broad, torquey 300cc engine. The hydraulic clutch has a light and smooth pull that is very consistent and predictable too. With the six-speed gearbox and torquey power, you really don’t need to use the clutch that much either.


2019 Beta Xtrainer jumping in desert.
Being that it’s an entry-level off-road bike, the suspension is very soft.Jeff Allen

The suspension, made by Spanish company Ollé, features a 43mm inverted fork and R16V shock, and the bike has 10.6 inches of travel front and rear. The fork offers preload and rebound adjustment, while the shock is adjustable for preload, compression, and rebound. The stock springs are for a suggested weight of 165 to 180 pounds.

There’s no other way to explain it—the suspension is very soft. But that’s not a negative. The Xtrainer is intended to be an entry-level bike. Combine the super-torquey engine with the soft suspension and the positives are that it works extremely well in rocks, roots, low-speed sections, and super-technical riding—even expert-level terrain. If you are an advanced rider and want to really get into EnduroCross or hard enduro competitions, you should look at this bike as a legitimate option.

Naturally, the soft suspension significantly limits the bike in third gear and higher-speed situations. If you are thinking of buying this bike for an all-around trailbike, you might find yourself wanting better-performing suspension. The good news is that with Beta USA’s Build Your Own Beta (BYOB) program, you can get upgraded Sachs suspension direct from your dealer.


2019 Beta Xtrainer rides between two boulders.
Beta did a great job of downsizing the chassis without giving it a small-bike feeling.Jeff Allen

Beta says the steel perimeter frame and chassis are 15 percent smaller than a traditional off-road bike, and the seat is roughly 1.25 inches lower than the 300 RR model. Even though the chassis is slightly downsized, Beta did design this bike for adults. The handlebar and controls are full size with a total of six mounting positions. This is not a dual sport or street-legal model, but the bike we tested had turn signals, high/low beam switches, and a horn with some preinstalled wiring that might make it fairly easy to add on those items. Brake light switches are also preinstalled.

The brakes are Nissin with a generous 260mm front rotor and 240mm rear disc. The gas tank looks like it might not hold enough fuel for longer rides, but it’s well tucked in and rated at 2.25 gallons. That’s more than enough for a few hours of fun riding or a good trail ride with your buddies. There is also a nice compact odometer that has an hourmeter and shows average speed, maximum speed, total miles, and battery voltage.

Overall Impression

2019 Beta Xtrainer kicking up dirt in the desert.
A counterbalancer would be a welcomed addition to minimize the substantial amount of two-stroke vibration.Jeff Allen

What this bike does well, it does very well. Starting out riding it, I noticed the lower seat and narrow chassis without feeling like I was too big for the bike. I would say the seat feels lower mostly because the softer suspension makes the bike lower to ground being that it’s riding further down in the stroke, yet it retains the seat-to-footpeg distance that is comfortable for my 5-foot-11 frame. I think this bike would fit both a taller rider or a shorter rider, and any adult in the 5-foot range would not have any problems learning to ride on it.

I had a blast riding this bike in the terrain it was designed for. I handed it off to two other riders to get a second and third opinion as well. One of the riders was of equal skill level to me (Vet A) and he had similar opinions that I did. The second rider was a beginner who was very interested in getting more into off-road riding, but was not finding the enjoyment he expected. He had been advised by some of his friends to buy a dual sport bike and went out and purchased a Husqvarna FE 450 thinking he would get the most use out of such a versatile model. After six months of frustrations, trying to learn how to trail ride (the FE 450 is really not an entry-level bike), he was ready to give up dirt bikes all together. I took him out to an area where he had previously struggled and put him on the Beta Xtrainer. The transformation in his riding and his enjoyment was immediate. We spent three hours riding roots, rocks, hills, creeks, and canyons, and he was having a blast.

I am sold on the idea that this is a great bike for the sport of off-road motorcycle riding. It certainly fills a gap between recreational trailbikes like a Honda CRF230F and competition off-road bikes such as a Yamaha YZ250FX. I would not think of this bike as “just an entry-level” model, as it has the potential to be much more than that. It hits the bull’s-eye on the fun factor and is perfect for a beginner adult rider while offering some easy upgrades to turn it into an advanced-level machine, with more than just “play bike” potential.

2019 Beta Xtrainer rides up side of mountain.
Modifications and upgrades would be easy with some already preinstalled wiring.Jeff Allen


PRICE $7,499
ENGINE 293cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder two-stroke
FRAME Steel perimeter
FRONT SUSPENSION Ollé 43mm coil-spring fork adjustable for rebound damping and preload; 10.6-in. travel
REAR SUSPENSION Ollé R16V shock adjustable for spring preload, compression damping, and rebound damping; 10.6-in. travel
FRONT BRAKE 2-piston caliper, Nissin single 260mm disc
REAR BRAKE 1-piston caliper, Nissin single 240mm disc
WHEELBASE 57.8 in.
SEAT HEIGHT 35.8 in.
CONTACT betausa.com
2019 Beta Xtrainer posing in between two boulders.
The Italian machines uses an Ollé 43mm inverted fork and Ollé R16V shock. According to Beta, the steel perimeter frame and chassis are 15 percent smaller than a traditional off-road bike.Jeff Allen
2019 Beta Xtrainer doing wheelie in desert.
The Xtrainer excels in low to midrange rpm situations. It has the torque you’d expect from a 300, but without the big hit and intimidating power.Jeff Allen
2019 Beta Xtrainer riding down mountain.
We had a blast riding this bike in the terrain it was designed for such as rocks, roots, hills, creeks, and canyons.Jeff Allen
2019 Beta Xtrainer rides in the desert at night.
The Xtrainer is a great bike for the sport of off-road motorcycle riding as it fills a gap between recreational trailbikes and competition off-road bikes.Jeff Allen