There’s nothing wrong with house-branded budget gear as long as you don’t have too high of expectations. Yet when it comes to Shot Race Gear, it is not a house brand—it is a legit off-road and motocross gear company that has been around since 1993. Shot Race Gear just happen to make some solid entry-level gear that has the style and look of the pros without a sticker-shock price tag. It is also some of the lightest-weight gear on the planet. The company also makes premier-level gear as well that has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from top-shelf moto apparel.

New for this year in the US are Shot’s goggles, boots, and helmets. Again, these are entry-level items to just feel out the American market. What most don’t know is that Shot Race Gear makes a full line of moto and off-road gear it sells in Europe, including protection, enduro gear, and jackets. Shot just wants to make sure it brings in gear that will sell here in the US. For 2017, Shot claims it sold out of all the gear it brought in.

And just because it’s wallet-friendly gear doesn’t mean that it can’t handle serious abuse. One of the most extreme riders on the face of the planet, Graham Jarvis, is a Shot athlete with the rest of his Rockstar Energy Husqvarna teammates.

We headed out to the sandy Los Angeles County Raceway MX to ride in the new 2018 Shot gear.Julia LaPalme
From Left to Right: Aerolite Optima, Contact Infinite, Contact Venom, Contact AlertJulia LaPalme
The new helmets and goggles come in a ton of colorways.Julia LaPalme
Another helmet and goggles with optional roll-off system.Julia LaPalme
Each line of gear has its own glove to match.Julia LaPalme
A good look at the new boots and goggles.Julia LaPalme
Jason “Happa” McCune explains the features of the boot, which are modest since they are entry-level, no-frills footwear.Julia LaPalme
It’s cool to see roll offs for affordable goggles.Julia LaPalme
Even standing still the gear looks good.Julia LaPalme