2018 Kenda RevLimiter Extreme Enduro | PHOTOS

Cody Webb dominates In Texas

Cody Webb proved why he is considered one of the top extreme off-road racers in the world by dominating all three motos of the 2018 Kenda RevLimiter Extreme Enduro in Decatur, Texas, this past weekend, topping top riders Cory Graffunder, Jordan Ashburn and David Knight. Photographer Shan Moore was on hand to bring us the action.

Cody Webb swept all three motos to win this year's Kenda RevLImiter Extreme Enduro in Decatur, Texas.Photos By Shan Moore
One of nearly 300 riders drops into CF Creek during the second moto on Sunday. On Saturday, all riders competed in a special Hot Lap to earn starting positions, and then three motos were ridden on Sunday to determine the winner.Photos By Shan Moore
A rider tries to wiggle through Dam Skippy, a narrow gap between two trees on the side of a cliff. This section was tough for most of the riders, however, the top five breezed through it.Photos By Shan Moore
SRT Off-road's Cory Graffunder pushes his bike over a ledge en route to second overall.Photos By Shan Moore
GasGas' David Knight finished second in the final moto, which was a 45-minute sprint.Photos By Shan Moore
Last year's third-place finisher, Quinn Wentzel, was running strong until he clipped a rock and broke his clutch line.Photos By Shan Moore
Last year's runner-up, Mitch Carvolth, squeaks past a fallen rider in CF Creek.Photos By Shan Moore
A rider struggles to get over the final ledge in Jarvis Falls.Photos By Shan Moore
"Wild" Wally Palmer struggles to keep from sliding off an angled rock in Dam Skippy.Photos By Shan Moore
Even the best struggle from time to time. Cody Webb pushes through Jarvis Falls on one of his laps in the finale. The FMF KTM rider was clean through this section on the rest of his rides.Photos By Shan Moore