2018 Fly Racing Gear Launch | VIDEO & PHOTOS

A tour and a ride at Fly Racing’s headquarters and motocross track

When normal people think of Idaho, they think potatoes. But we think of Fly Racing and the WPS (Western Power Sports) headquarters with its own MX track. Take a look at the massive warehouse and their 2018 gear lineup.

The biggest news is that the Lite Hydrogen gear line now has a BOA closure like the Evolution 2.0 gear.Photo by Sean Klinger
The Evolution 2.0 has updated colorways and an updated cut.Photo by Sean Klinger
We had the Evolution 2.0 to try out. It is Fly’s premier gear line that focuses on performance and durability.Fly Racing
Fly’s gear lines include the Evolution 2.0, Lite Hydrogen, Kinetic, Kinetic Women’s, F-16, Patrol, and Patrol XC.Photo by Sean Klinger
Andrew Short was on hand to blow by the editors and make us feel slow.Fly Racing
The lineup for ’18 has a good mix of simple color blocking and crazy designs to fit a wide variety of personal styles.Photo by Sean Klinger
The Evo 2.0 line is aimed at moto and off-road riders alike.Fly Racing
Fly Racing puts on a classy event.Photo by Sean Klinger
Fly has a full line of helmets as well.Fly Racing
Fly also offers head-to-toe protective gear.Photo by Sean Klinger
While the Lite Hydrogen sacrifices some durability and ruggedness to be as light and flexible as possible, the Evo 2.0 gear is a sturdier gear set for hardcore off-road riders.Fly Racing
Ex-racer and brand ambassador Andrew Short and ex-racer and employee Jason Thomas talk about their experience with the brand.Photo by Sean Klinger
We had our own paddock areas to get dressed. Felt a little factory status.Photo by Sean Klinger
Short makes the gear look better than all of us.Photo by Sean Klinger
Short was just cruising on the moto track. Afterward, we talked a lot about off-road riding and some possible rally-type riding in his future.Photo by Sean Klinger