2018 Answer Gear Launch

Answer debuted their 2018 series of MX gear last night in Costa Mesa. They have dropped a completely new line of high-end gear called the “Trinity” line, which you will find Justin Bogle racing in, along with their other pro riders. Answer also debuted their new Ar5 Fiberglass helmet, which is MIPS equipped and comes in 4 different color ways.

Obviously, the Trinity line is going to stand out since it is their most advanced stlye of gear. Answer is pushing the athletic aesthetics with Trinity by using different materials to make the gear more light weight, breathable and durable which can be tough to execute. What really stood out to me though is the Synchron and Synchron Air line. This is their price point gear, which you can get an entire kit (Jersey, Pant and Glove) for under $125.00. When you get up close to this gear, especially the Air version looks like high-end equipment. The Air version is fully vented and seems to be made of good quality materials. It also comes in a few different color ways that could be attractive to just about anyone. A gear set can be pretty costly these days; so seeing price point gear that you would actually enjoy wearing is great!

Overall Answer seems to be pushing their brand in the right direction. They are making changes to their gear from an athletic standpoint and keeping you weekend warriors in mind with their cool price point gear.

The Trinity line was the highlight of the gear launch last night.Photo by Max Mandell
The entrance to the party debuted Answer’s new logo/icon.Photo by Max Mandell
Answer’s AR1 fiberglass helmet.Photo by Max Mandell
There was a pretty cool display for the unveiling of the AR5 Helmet. As you can see, there are plenty of options for colors and graphics for the AR5. Also, there was a MIPS display (Bottom right corner of the image) that helped explain how MIPS really work.Photo by Max Mandell
Justin Bogle’s bike and gear set along side bikes and gear from back in the day.Photo by Max Mandell
A few color ways from the Trinity line. I like how they have a clean and simple style as well as a more aggressive graphic.Photo by Max Mandell
A tighter shot of the Trinity jersey venting.Photo by Max Mandell
There are some interesting color ways for the AR5.Photo by Max Mandell
Old school is still looking good in 2017.Photo by Max Mandell
Justin Bogle’s set up.Photo by Max Mandell
An Answer AR1 and a cold one.Photo by Max Mandell
Answer and Gaerne have collaborated on boots that go nicely with the Trinity gear.Photo by Max Mandell
The ELITE gear option, like the trinity has a simpler graphic as well as a busier more aggressive style.Photo by Max Mandell
Justin Bogle was in attendance at the launch before he headed up to Washougal for the National this weekend.Photo by Max Mandell
When the smartphones come out you know something is about to do down…Photo by Max Mandell
It was only a matter of time until one of the vintage bikes got started up. Bogle was there to get a video of it.Photo by Max Mandell