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2017 TM Motocross And Enduro Lineup

Here’s a look at the other blue dirt bike brand, which has an all-new 300 four-stroke.

TM has announced its 2017 line-up of bikes, which, if you include all of different displacements of mx, enduro, flat track, and supermoto models, is a whopping 39 different motorcycles. This is even more interesting when you consider that last year (2016) TM sold 1,380 units all models combined, with only about 10 percent being sold in the US. That is a total of 138 bikes in all of the United States. The only reason we point this out is that it illustrates how rare it is to see a TM out in the wild and in the pages of Dirt Rider. That being said, we are working on some plans for the near future so you might just see one of the new 300Fis here pretty soon.

The all-new TM MX 300Fi. It also comes as an off-road bike named the EN 300Fi.Photo By Sean Klinger

In 2015 the four-strokes (250, 450, and 530) got a very unique chassis design that is akin to the layout of modern Yamahas. That is, the air box sits in front of the set where the gas tank usually resides, and the gas tank is under the seat where the air box is typically found. But, that is where the similarities stop. While Yamaha swapped the motor round so that the intake is in the front of the cylinder and the exhaust is in the back, the TM four-stroke design has the typical layout of air/gas entering the rear of the cylinder and the exhaust coming out the front. Also, on the TMs the gas tank is much farther back on the bike which puts the gas cap in the upper middle of the right number plate.

Other than the clutch, nothing is the same, engine-wise, between the 300Fi and TM's other four-stroke models.Photo By Sean Klinger

On to the newest bike, the 300Fi MX/EN. According to US TM rep Ralf Schmidt, unlike many 250/300 two-strokes where nearly everything is the same on bikes from the same brand, there are very few interchangeable parts from the TM 250Fi and 300Fi. He points this out to drive home the point that, sure, a 300cc bike isn’t much different size-wise than a 250, but TM set out to make a whole different machine than the 250, and 450 for that matter. The cases, transmission, and most of the engine is different. According to Schmidt, TM tested many engine sizes and found that a 300cc four-stroke (rather than the more popular 350cc size) worked best. Also, according to new rules for the FIM World Enduro Championship, the premier class (now called EnduroGP) includes all motorcycles 250cc to 450cc, thereby including the 300Fi.

The details on these bikes are a little hard to navigate because, in TM's defense, it isn't easy having 39 different models with their own specs. For more information you can go to and there is a 2017 catalog that has the specifications for the bikes, yet it is all in metrics so it is a bit confusing.

TM is banking on being allowed to race a 300cc four-stroke in the main class of the FIM World Enduro Series.Photo By Sean Kinger
Like all of TM's four-strokes the air box is located in front of the seat. This design came about on the 2015 models and has continued.Photo By Sean Klinger
The gas tank is back behind and below the seat, pretty much where a typical air box would be. As you can see, the gas cap sticks out of the right side number plate.Photo By Sean Klinger
We tried to get a shot of the intake. Even though the air box and fuel tank have swapped places, the air/fuel mixture still enters the cylinder from the back and the exhaust pipe comes out the front.Photo By Sean Klinger

Motocross Two-Strokes

MX 80 Junior: $6,395 /MX 85 Junior: $6,395 /MX 100 Junior: $6,495

Each "Junior" machine has different wheel size options.Courtesy Of TM

MX 85 (full size): $8,295 /MX 125: $8,295 /MX 144: $8,495

TM might be the only manufacturer making a full size MX bike with a 85cc two-stroke engine (125 shown).Courtesy Of TM

MX 250: $8,745 /MX 300: $8,895

TM is also unique in offering a 300cc two-stroke motocrosser.Courtesy Of TM

Motocross Four-Strokes

MX 250Fi: $10,495

The smallest four-stroke in the lineup.Courtesy Of TM

MX 300Fi: $10,595

The all-new 300cc four-stroke.Courtesy Of TM

MX 450Fi: $10,495 /MX 530Fi: $10,295

The 450Fi is shown, but there is also a 530 available for open class racers.Courtesy Of TM

Enduro Two-Stroke

EN 125: $8,495 /EN 144: $8,845

Small smokers for the trail.Courtesy Of TM

EN 250: $8,995 /EN 300: $9,195

Here are probably the most popular off-road models in the lineup (EN 300 shown).Courtesy Of TM

Enduro Four-Stroke

EN 250Fi: $10,795

A 250cc four-stroke for the lites classes.Courtesy Of TM

EN 300Fi: $10,995

The priciest model behind the supermotos.Courtesy Of TM

EN 450Fi: $10,895 /EN 530Fi: $10,794

As the name implies, all four-stroke models are fuel injected (EN 450Fi shown).Courtesy Of TM