2017 Tennessee Knockout | PHOTOS

Webb Delivers Knockout Blow

Cody Webb totally owns the Tennessee Knockout. Now in it’s seventh year, the extreme off-road race held at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, Tennessee, has become the biggest extreme race in the United States, and Webb has it won the last five years, this year beating out Hard Enduro greats Graham Jarvis from Great Britain and Mario Roman of Spain. Photographer Shan Moore was on hand to capture the action.

This nasty creek, also known as the waterfall”, is where a lot of the action took place and it’s where Cody Webb made up a lot of his time on Jarvis and the rest of the pack. The main line is occupied so instead of waiting in line like Jarvis is doing here, Cody went up the big wall and made it look easy.Photos By Shan Moore
Sherco’s Mario Roman told us that the rocks at the Trials Training Center were the slickest he’s ever ridden. The trail was slick, but it was green and lush, for sure.Photos By Shan Moore
Beta USA’s Max Gerston attacks one of the logs in the endurocross section.Photos By Shan Moore
SRT Racing’s Cory Graffunder almost made it. He was fine right up until the exit and he ended up laying it over.Photos By Shan Moore
Beta USA’s Jordan Ashburn struggles to keep balance in one of the creeks. The creeks were so slick that it was difficult to even stand in them.Photos By Shan Moore
SRT Racing’s Kyle Redmond during the hot lap. Redmond has been struggling with a wrist injury.Photos By Shan Moore
Webb crosses the bridge during the hot lap on Sunday morning.Photos By Shan Moore
Over the log and through the woods goes Mitch Carvolth en route to eighth overall.Photos By Shan Moore
Graham Jarvis told us the TKO was the toughest event he’s ever ridden!Photos By Shan Moore