2017 Lake Elsinore Grand Prix Goes Back To Its Roots

Making the Elsinore Grand Prix great again

The Lake Elsinore Grand Prix conjures up images of riders blitzing across the blacktop through downtown Lake Elsinore and battling the treacherous terrain winding through the surrounding hillside. For the first time in many years, riders were back roaring down Main Street. Although it was only for the start of the Mushman 100 race, it was a step toward the event regaining some of its prestige from back in the day. The new promoters of the event worked diligently with the City of Lake Elsinore for their help with this event and it showed.

For the first time in many years, racers lined up on Main Street in Lake Elsinore.Ed Subias

The Mushman 100-mile race is named after the late actor and motorcyclist Steve McQueen. He would use the pseudonym " Harvey Mushman" as a way to avoid detection from the movie studios he was under contract with. They frowned upon motorcycle racing as they didn't want him getting hurt and unable to make movies.

Left: The Lake Elsinore Grand Prix course was laid out on the rugged hillside surrounding the lake.
Right: Ricky Yorks was on the gas and passed more than a few modern bikes on his 1978 XL250.
Ed Subias
Top: Trevor Strewart of the JCR/ Honda team outran and outlasted the other 97 riders for the win in the Mushman 100 race.
Bottom: And they're off down Main Street!
Ed Subias

The Lake Elsinore Grand Prix always brings out an eclectic mix of bikes and racers. Seen on the course were a plethora of vintage dirt bikes, every brand and size of modern bikes, sidehacks, ATCs, quads, UTVs, and even a few V-twins. There was a little bit of everything to say the least which kept the spectators entertained.

Top: There were more than a handful of vintage Honda " Elsinore" models raced throughout the weekend.
Left: Mikey Virus wowed the crowd by muscling around his Harley-Davidson Sportster on the rough 3 1/2 mile course.
Right: Some of the jumps provided some serious air time for the faster or more daring riders.
Ed Subias
Top: Motocrosser turned off-road racer Zach Bell swapped the lead multiple times before retiring from the race on lap 17 of 23.
Bottom: ADV bikes were no stranger to the race either.
Ed Subias

The marquee event for the weekend, The Mushman 100, featured 97 riders taking on the 3-1/2-mile course. After nearly three hours of battling the rugged course and other racers, Trevor Stewart of the JCR/Honda team took home the victory.

Top: As scenic as the course was, the riders kept their eyes on the treacherous terrain.
Left: The spirit of "Harvey Mushman" was well represented.
Right: The spectators had a great time as they cheered on the competitors.
Ed Subias
Left: The fast racers like Trevor Stewart are great fun to watch as their speed is blinding while at the same time they make it look effortless.
Right: The uphills and downhills were numerous on the 3 1/2 mile course.
Ed Subias
Top: A couple dozen ATCs took the circuit and immediately got sketchy.
Bottom: With a nod to the Grand Prix's of yesteryear , a mud hole jump was one of the features of the course.
Ed Subias

After witnessing the rider and spectator turnout and success of this year's race, we believe the new promoters of the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix are on the right path to making the event one of the premier races in the off-road world again. Harvey Mushman himself would be proud.