2017 Goggle Collection From 100%

New colorways for Racecraft and Accuri goggles

You always want to ride in style, but you wouldn't want to skip out on how much your goggles protect your eyes. Well, 100% has introduced a new lineup of 2017 goggles that will keep your eyes protected and stylish with bright and vibrant colorways.

2017 Racecraft Goggles from 100%
The different colorways of the Racecraft goggles that you can expect in the 2017 lineup.Photo Courtesy of 100%
2017 Accuri goggles from 100%
The different colorways of the Accuri goggles from 100%.Photo Courtesy of 100%

On top of the new goggles, 100% is including several new designs of gloves, performance sunglasses, casual gear, and accessories for 2017 to continue the 100% style.

You want gear with looks and protection though of course and 100% products are proven to perform and 100% athletes have dominated by claiming all three titles in the 250 class for the second year in a row. Malcolm Stewart earned his first 250SX East Championship while Cooper Webb added another 250SX West title to his collection and most recently wrapped up his first 250MX Championship.