2016 TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boots

TCX Introduces Its 2016 TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boots

TCX Boots Colors
The all new Comp Evo Michelin has some great features and great color options.Photo by Shan Moore

Anaheim One's press day is all about seeing the new bikes, new sponsors, and the top riders before the official start of the supercross season. But, they weren't the only things that were new. TCX Boots rented a conference room in the stadium and gathered up the media after talking to all the racers to unveil the all new 2016 TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boots. TCX is really excited about this footwear and so are their brand ambassadors Broc Tickle and MX2 rider Dylan Farrandis who were both on hand. More on them in a moment; first the boots!

As many of you know, TCX used to be called Oxtar Boots. What many of you might not know is that currently TCX is the second largest motorcycle boot manufacturer in the world, behind Alpinestars. For years TCX's flagship off-road boot was the Pro 2.1, which have been praised pretty highly by our testers. Yet the Italian company decided that it was time for change and spent three years designing the 2016 TCX Comp Evo Michelin boots, which has an MSRP of $569.99.

TCX Head of Research and Development Marco Poloni
TCX Head of Research and Development Marco Poloni talks about the new sole, the new hinge and many off the other unique features of the Comp Evo line.Photo by Shan Moore

Technical Features:

UPPER: high wear resistant micro fibre and PU bootleg

LINING: breathable fabric and PU soft padding around the ankle area

REINFORCEMENTS: Double Flex Control system; PU adjustable shin plate; polyurethane toe and heel guard, internal heat guard, ankle and malleolus reinforcements

BUCKLES: 4 aluminium buckles, micro-adjustable and interchangeable

SOLE: new designed, high wear resistant MICHELIN HYBRID MX sole

TCX boot soles
These are the soles developed by TCX and Michelin that, according to them, have both great traction and durability. The different colors aren’t bad either.Courtesy of TCX

Looking at the non-bootie Comp Evo Michelin, it has a bold new look that is a product of its new technical features. Starting at the top, the shin plate is adjustable for different sized calves. The straps are replaceable and have new, more secure closure system. There is an ankle hinge, unlike the Pro 2.1, which has mechanical stops at 18 degrees forward and 15 degrees rearward to prevent hyperflexion and hyperextension. Also, the second strap from the bottom is secured to the hinge pivot meaning that as the hinge moves, the strap follows rather than remaining stationary.

Like we mentioned, there is no booty but the liner of the boot is well padded and even Broc Tickle mentioned that he noticed the comfort of the liner.

“When I put the boot one, that was the first thing I noticed, how comfortable they are. That’s a big thing, I think, for everyone is comfort.”

Broc Tickle in new boot from TCX
Broc Tickle was a fan from the moment he put them on. He said the liner has great comfort, even without a bootie.Courtesy of TCX

Also, the lower section of the inner liner is water proof, something we haven’t seen in pure motocross boots. Lastly, the one of the primary focuses on the Comp Evo Michelin is the sole. As the name suggests the sole was developed with the Michelin company of tire fame. The sole is called the Michelin Hybrid MX Sole and features two different compounds that was inspired by the Multiway 3D tire and, according to TCX, offers great traction and durability. Above the Michelin sole is a steel-shank enforced midsole that is sewn directly into the bottom of the boot, rather than being pressed into the sole only.

Broc Tickle in new boot from TCX
Tickle is also known for destroying boots (his team nickname is “Destructicon”) but he has only had one pare of Comp Evo Michelins for months and hasn’t worn through the soles.Courtesy of TCX

All of these features sound cool, but what was pretty impressive was having a pair of boots that Tickle wore for months and seeing that the soles where still in fairly good shape. It was said that Tickle’s nickname on the team was “Destructicon” because he blew through boots (and bike parts) quicker than anyone else.

Broc Tickle in new boot from TCX
Tickle says that the Comp Evo Michelins have what he is looking for in a boot – light weight, comfortable, and protective.Courtesy of TCX

Also in TCX's 2016 lineup are the Comp Evo (with the standard stitched sole), the X-Helium and the X-Blast. These boots will be available to purchase in mid February. As it would turn out, Dirt Rider is planning a comprehensive boot comparison in the near future so keep check the pages of the magazine for our take on this new boot as it is compared to the other top boots on the market.

Black/flo yellow motocross boots
2016 TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot in black/flo yellow.Courtesy of TCX
White motocross boots
2016 TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot in white.Courtesy of TCX
Red motocross boots
2016 TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot in red.Courtesy of TCX
White/blue/red motocross boots
2016 TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot in white/blue/red.Courtesy of TCX
Scuba blue motocross boots
2016 TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot in scuba blue.Courtesy of TCX
Black motocross boots
2016 TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot in black.Courtesy of TCX
Orange motocross boots
2016 TCX Comp Evo Michelin Boot in orange.Courtesy of TCX