2016 Pro Circuit Honda CRF450R

Project Bike Testing With The Enticknap's

The Pro Circuit/Total Performance 2016 Honda CRF450R is an eye-catching machine.Photo by Preston Jordan

Adam and Tyler Enticknap are one of the most charismatic, professional, motocross privateer riders in the sport today. Both energetic brothers have been helping us at Dirt Rider with some testing and photo modeling this year. We wanted them to help with this Pro Circuit Honda CRF450 project due to the simple fact that both have been racing and riding Honda's for quite sometime. Who else better to give us some feedback on a modified Honda than these two! We thought you would love to read their "unfiltered" opinions that we receive to our inbox. Look for a full comprehensive test of the 2016 Pro Circuit Honda 450R in the April issue of Dirt Rider.

Tyler EnticknapPhoto by Preston Jordan

Tyler Enticknap 6'0 195 lb. Pro SX/MX


My first thought on the PC Honda suspension, was that it was soft for my awesome well built frame of a body. We set the sag at 105mm and went from 34 pounds of air to 37.5 pounds in the front forks. That helped out a lot with keeping the front end up higher and making the bike feel more stable. Out back the shock, we went two out from all the way hard on high speed and five clicks softer on rebound to attempt to free the back shock up and to level out the bike. With that setup, I felt most comfortable and that is where we ended the day. My thoughts on the suspension would be that the valving was way too soft for me (as it was set up for Kris Keefer at 170 pounds) front and rear. Kris is old and doesn’t have the girth that I do, so I would want both ends to hold up more in the stroke. All Keefer has to his body is skin and ribs, so I understand why Bones would set up the suspension this way.


When I first noticed the motor on this bike, it was half way down the straight shifting to third. The Honda almost ripped right out of my hands! The mid to top end on the Pro Circuit motor is amazing. Although the mid and top were good, if it were my bike I would trade some of that top end power and put it straight to the bottom. The bottom end that is! It really depends on what you want to use the bike for. If you want a bike that you hold wide open this is the bike for you.


The Pro Circuit Triple Clamps are not rubber mounted and you could feel extra vibration in your hands. I would really like those to be rubber mounted to reduce vibration and arm pump.

Adam EnticknapPhoto by Preston Jordan

Adam Enticknap: 6'1 200 lb. Pro SX/MX

Testing a dirt bike is a very hard thing to do. For me, it’s a lot of responsibility to let people know the truth about what they’re going to get. In this case I truly believe I was the man for the job! I have been riding Hondas from a very young age and I know them like the back of my hand. I have had over a dozen different combinations of a built Honda CRF450, and I was very interested in what pro circuit was going to deliver.


The suspension was not a surprise. I weigh in at 198-202 pounds and I race professional MX/SX. Needless to say it’s very hard to valve the suspension correctly for me. We made a lot of adjustments to the bike and it was a night to day difference! The bummer part for me is when we got to “day” I was still not seeing the light, if you catch my drift! In all fairness I am sure the guys at Pro Circuit set it up for an average rider (sorry Keefer) to cover a wide range of test guys!


I am a guy that LOVES more motor! Can’t get enough of it. Almost like the skit on Saturday Night Live “I need more cowbell” well I need more motor! Every time I have a motor built I always say more, more, more even if I don’t need it!!! I am a type of rider that loves bottom end “grunt”. With this Pro Circuit MONSTER, that was a big let down. When I rode the bike it was very mellow down low. When it got to upper mid range almost top, it would hit like a surprise!!! You really had to be ready for it. This bike was all mid to top end and made for an outstanding outdoor motocross engine! If this was my bike I would probably reprogram the ignition for more bottom, but if you’re looking for some get up and go, Pro Circuit has your recipe.


If you bought a CRF450R and you are over that slow, smooth, and linear power that Honda delivers. Find out what is done to this bike and go grab you some of these mods. Be ready for a hard hitting mid to top end motor that will get you over any big jump your heart desires. Not my personal favorite, but it will get you that race feel! PEACE OUT! Till next time #7deucedeuce @the722