2015 Husqvarna FE 250 EnduroCross Transformation

Building A Capable Indoor Off-Road Weapon

The 2015 Husqvarna FE 250 is a mild mannered off-road machine that is comfortable on the trails and is easy to ride. However, once off of the trail its window narrows. We wanted to transform this mellow yellow-headed trail machine into a capable endurocross weapon as well. As we looked at the Geico EnduroCross schedule we noticed that one of our favorite rounds of the series (Denver, Colorado) was rapidly approaching. We called Bryan Penney (a local off-road wizard in the Denver area) to help us with our project endurocross Husqvarna FE 250 build. Bryan owns Full Factory Off-Road, a small shop in Littleton, Colorado that was created to supply affordable services to the off-road racer/rider.

Although we didn’t give Bryan too much time, he took delivery of our machine and immediately went to work. We didn’t want to get too extravagant (or expensive) with this build, as we just wanted a little more excitement from the engine and comfortable suspension to hit all the obstacles that the Geico EnduroCross Series has to offer. The airbox of the FE 250 is somewhat restrictive stock, so Bryan drilled out some holes in the airbox to help the little Husky breathe. He also installed an aluminum FMF megabomb headpipe and 4.1 factory muffler system to let the Husky breathe even more. Next was a Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 auto clutch to keep the FE from stalling in tight rocky sections of the track and deliver the small ponies smoothly. One of the most important things that I have picked up by racing endurocross events over the years is; installing soft compound tires for maximum grip in the rock sections. Kenda makes a triple sticky front tire that was installed along with one of Kenda’s pre-production Washougal II EX rear tires. At this time the Kenda EX rear tire is currently being developed, but will be available to the public soon. To ensure we didn’t get any flats Bryan installed Nuetech Tubeliss inserts in both Kenda tires. A re-valve to the WP suspension was massaged for my weight and ability, P3 composite guards were installed to protect the Husky’s exterior, and making our FE 250 look great under the lights was custom graphics from Ride PG. When all was said and done this was a minimal, realistic build for the average off-road racer, that was looking to try his or her hand in endurocross.

The Denver EnduroCross round was a technical track with plenty of obstacles to test the Full Factory Off-Road Husqvarna FE 250. Immediately once on the track I knew it was going to be a great day. Although the engine character still wasn’t as “exciting” as I would like, it was manageable for me to handle around the National Western Complex. I am not the best EX rider and need to have manageable power at my throttle hand. The Full Factory Off-Road machine rolled on smooth and stayed that way through the entire rpm range. Being at over 5000 feet of elevation doesn’t help power delivery, but just from my past experiences from riding this bike stock, it wasn’t as lethargic on bottom end. The Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 auto clutch was a lifesaver for me in the rock sections. I laid the bike over many times and all I had to do was worry about the right side of the FE’s control area and not the left. I would of however preferred a stiffer spring in the Rekluse just to get some added “snap” out of the bottom end for the tighter confines of the arena. I never really got out of first gear in Denver except for the brief straight before the matrix, where I could stretch the Husky’s legs for a brief second.

The suspension (although a little soft) was impressive. Hitting logs and getting the WP fork to move in the stroke wasn’t an issue, but it still kept enough damping at the end of the stroke to ramp up my confidence level. I felt like I had tons of front-end traction without any deflection once I started to pick up the pace around the EX track. The only part of the track where I wish the fork would of held up more in the stroke was on tire doubles where the landings were short. Bigger sized jumps the fork would blow through the stroke, but not violently. The shock was great and I felt like it had damping all the way through the stroke. The rear of the bike squatted coming out of corners and gave me traction with minimal wheel spin. If I could have had a little more damping out of the fork (on landings) it would have kept the balance of the bike slightly better.

The Kenda tires, specifically for this type of riding is a must have. I have ridden with a few “gummy” tires in the past and Kenda really did a excellent job of blending their triple sticky front tire and Washougal II EX rear tire, so its soft enough to flex over rocks and logs. However, both still give you enough sidewall stiffness so it doesn’t roll over on the rim in flat corners. Having these tires make you feel like you are almost cheating when the track gets slick.

The Full Factory Off-Road Husqvarna FE 250 was a relatively inexpensive build that was easy to ride, had predictable handling, and gave confidence to a not so confidant EX rider. It doesn’t take a fire breather of an engine to have fun and be competitive in the world of Geico EnduroCross, but it does take a good chassis and suspension set up. Full Factory Off-road delivered just that with our 2015 Husqvarna FE 250. It’s just too bad I couldn’t deliver on the results!

2015 Husqvarna FE250 Full Factory Off-Road Parts List
Full Factory Off-Road EX Revalved Forks $200.00
Full Factory Off-Road EX Revalved Shock $200.00
Full Factory Off-Road Synthetic Suede Seat Re-Cover $60.00
Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 Auto Clutch $899.00
FMF Stainless Megabomb Header & Mid-Pipe $424.99
FMF Aluminum Factory 4.1 RCT Slip-On $374.99
Nuetech Tubliss Front Insert $99.99
Nuetech Tubliss Rear Insert $99.99
Kenda Triple Sticky Front Tire $77.99
Kenda Washougal II Pre-Production EX Rear Tire N/A
P3 Composites Carbon Skid plate $189.99
P3 Composites Carbon Front Disk Guard $129.99
Enduro Engineering Moto Roost Deflectors $49.99
Renthal Kevlar Grips $19.99
Husqvarna Motorcycle Parts Rear Rotor Guard $79.99
Neken Oversized "America" Bars $114.99
PG Graphics Full Custom Kit $199.99
Airbox Mod Free
The 2015 Full Factory Off-Road Husqvarna FE 250 was an eye-catching machine in Denver.Photo by Drew Ruiz
Just drilling 10 holes in the airbox gave the FE 250 one extra horsepower on the dyno.Photo by Drew Ruiz
Associate Editor Kris Keefer tries to keep his eyes on the prize.Photo by Drew Ruiz
The Kenda Washougal II EX rear tire.Photo by Drew Ruiz
Re-valved suspension is a must have for the confines of a endurocross track.Photo by Drew Ruiz
We lost count of how many people rubbed our Full Factory Off-Road synthetic suede seat cover. Yes it’s grippy too!Photo by Drew Ruiz
The little FE 250 managed to pull a couple holeshot’s on the night.Photo by Drew Ruiz
The Rekluse Core EVO 3.0 was a nice modification to have when chugging along across firewood and rocks.Photo by Drew Ruiz
Photo by Drew Ruiz