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When tightening the front axle on your bike, making sure the lower fork tubes are aligned and parallel with the upper tubes is an important yet often overlooked step. If they are not correctly aligned, you can end up with binding which hurts performance and increases wear; neither is good. The ForkTru alignment tool by Motion Pro makes it easy and quick to align the fork tubes.The tool is adjustable for forks that are 140mm to 220mm on center, and on fork legs that are 27-62mm in diameter. Usage is simple. Loosen the thumbscrews so the two halves can slide. Loosen the axle pinch bolts and place the tool on the upper fork tubes just below the lower triple clamp. Make sure the V cups are properly centered on the fork tubes and tighten the thumbscrews. This sets the proper spacing the lower tubes need to be at.Now slide the tool between the spokes and place it on the lower fork tubes as close to the bottom as you can. If the lower fork legs are straight the tool will again sit flush on both lower fork tubes with no side-to-side play. If the tubes are not aligned, then loosen the axle pince bolts and move the lower fork leg in or out on the axle until it is in the correct location. Once satisfied, torque the pinch bolts per your service manual.The tool is easy to use and makes quick work of getting the alignment right as long as the lower fork guards do not interfere (such as on current Hondas). Its adjustability means it will work on most any bike you have or may have. It retails for $34.99.

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 170 lb
Ability: Vet
Location: Williamsburg, Oh

||| |---|---| |Tools|92.0| |Function|48/50| |Portable|9/10| |Durability|18/20| |Design|10/10| |Price|7/10|