The Roof Of Africa: An Extreme Enduro Race! DVD from Throttle Entertainment - Dirt Rider Magazine

It may not be practical for you to spend thousands of dollars on a trip to South Africa, but for just $24.95 Throttle Entertainment brings the biggest race in South Africa straight to you.The company's latest DVD release, The Roof of Africa documents the legendary extreme enduro of the same name. Having compressed three days and over 500 kilometers of racing into just 60 minutes, this DVD follows an event that has been testing the world's best racers for upwards of 40 years. Here, fans cruise along with Chris Birch, Darryl Curtis, Louwrence Mahoney, Jade Stone, Bartosz Oblucki and others as they battle the grueling terrain and work to overcome the now-technical race.Well-shot, cleanly edited and accompanied by excellent narration, The Roof of Africa offers the most comprehensive look to date at this illustrious race. The video left me craving more bonus features to geek-out on, but aside from that I was thoroughly entertained and more than satisfied with my "couch trip" to the Kingdom of Lesotho. If you're into extreme enduro, you need this one for your collection! -Chris Denison