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We were so impressed with Utopia's "Dirty" goggle we gave it a 9.0 using our previous rating system (April '04). Now Utopia has made a few changes to the already-good goggle and is calling it "Too Dirty." The first noticeable upgrade is the foam used; it still is triple-layered yet seems to be a bit firmer than the previous version—but it remains comfortable and holds in sweat effectively.I was really impressed by the anti-fog, scratch-resistant lens after several outings in muddy riding conditions. I didn't experience any fogging and noticed only some slight surface scratches on the lens—nothing like you would expect to see on a normal lens, and this was without using tear-offs. I felt the Dirty goggle offered a sufficient peripheral view; but the Too Dirty version has even more with a revised frame, and it still seems to fit most of the helmets with which I have tried it.The silicone tack strip that runs along the center of the goggle's strap is so tacky that it is difficult to slide into place at times. But that is ultimately a good thing, because once the strap is in place, it grips the helmet unmovingly.The goggle comes in several colors. My favorite is white, because it matches almost anything; the only problem is it's a little harder to keep looking clean. I think the Too Dirty goggle is well worth its $49.95 retail price.
—Joe McKimmy