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We get to ride, wear and use everything under the sun. So what do we reach for when we're just going out to do our favorite type of riding? We thought we'd show you, all the way down to our skivvies. Our choices are based on need, comfort, performance, durability and sometimes just on what looks cool.So here's what you'll likely find us pulling out of our gear bags when we're not out to test, just out to ride. When the notepads and cameras aren't supposed to be around... Maybe that's how we got caught in our underwear!

Jimmy Lewis

Any Time, Any Place,

All Day And All Night

Since I've tried just about everything, I have a pretty good knowledge base when it comes to being happy on the bike. And believe me when I say what you wear is more important than what you ride. Like running shoes, when you find something that works for you, stick to it, and buy two of them so you have a spare. Staying warm or not getting too hot, being dry without sweating out, protection with mobility, carrying capacity without restriction. It is about compromises and comfort, and that is what I'm all about with my gear.Underwear: Alpinestars

Bionic Freeride Short $89.95

If the riding is going to get gnarly, then I want hip protection beyond soft padding. Sure it makes me look fat in the hips, but better that than a hematoma.Socks: Tech Sox $20

Long lasting, thin and comfortable and the first sock that actually wicks moisture and keeps my feet as dry as possible. The company makes awesome knee brace sleeves, too.Helmet: Vemar VXR7 $400

It fits, it was the best overall on our helmet comparison, and it is very lightweight.Goggle: Progrip 3450-SC $66.99

Best no-fog. Period. I run a fully loaded Scott Hustle at the track.Jersey: Iron Horseman

The Sheriff print says a lot about me. They have a deputy print, too. I wear that when I'm being nice.Jacket: Klim Valdez $399

Weatherproof, warm yet able to cool quickly and loaded with ever-important pockets. Plus it's going on two years old so it's tough, too.Glove: Klim Inversion $49.95

They usually are mismatched from my outfit because I lose the matching pair all the time. But fit is king and I love Klim, Fox, TLD and Ocelot gloves the best. You will always find a pair of Windstopper gloves in my pocket or backpack; Klim, Giant (bicycle gloves) and MSR are tops.Pant: Klim Dakar/Chinook $159/$139

Depending on the ride/weather, I switch it up. Over-the-boot styles for when dirt/debris/snow/water can get down my boot, in-pants for lesser situations. The zip vents on the thighs make them vented in an instant. The pockets are a bonus.Boot: Sidi Crossfire $450

Great fit and held closed with the simplest and best buckles in the business, I switch between SRS and normal sole depending on how heavy the impacts might be. The SRS sole is stiffer and better for MX.

Chris Denison

Multi-Purpose Racer

My ideal day of riding consists of equal parts motocross, off-road and freeriding mixed with a generous serving of traction and a dollop of hard enduro. This A.D.D.-infused approach to dirt bikes ensures that I never get bored, but both bike and body receive routine beatings and I rarely come back to the truck without a good story.My gear preferences are based almost solely on performance; if it works well and gets the job done, I'm not too concerned about comfort. I appreciate style and durability to a degree, but once I find something that's functionally dialed it usually doesn't leave my gear bag.Jersey: Troy Lee Designs GP $45

Suitable for everything from mid-race elbow burnouts to post-race feasting.Drink System: OGIO Erzberg 550 Hydrapack

Contains water, a sharp edge, and a box of waterproof matches. Send it.Undershirt: EVS Tug

Sleeveless Undergear $30

Necessary for the prevention of body armor chafing. And you thought my socks stunk after a long day!Pant: Troy Lee Designs GP $104

TLD's GP leathers are the next best thing to riding without pants on-minus the road rash and embarrassment, of course.Goggle: EKS Brand GOX

Concussion With Tear-offs $39.99

Off-road I'll shove the used tear-offs down my pants for proper disposal when I get back to the rig. Yes, I love the environment that much.Helmet: Troy Lee Designs

SE3 McQueen $525

I've worn this helmet to hell and back, and nothing works better for high-impact, high-mileage fun. Plus, Steve McQueen is cooler than the other side of the pillow.Underwear: EVS Nitro Circus

Impact Short $50

I'd ride in boxer briefs if gripper seat covers didn't shred them so badly. Good thing these shorts are just as comfy.Knee Pad: EVS Nitro Circus

Big Knee Pad $49

Maximum patella fortification in a durable package. This makes me happy.Boot: Gaerne SG-12 $549.95

Nothing fits my foot like a Gaerne. I definitely get my money's worth out of a set of these slippers.Chest Protector:

Bulletproof Vest

It may add weight and heat, but its superior impact protection continues to serve me well.

Pete Peterson

Two-Moto MX Practice Rider

I spend my fun ride days trying to be the fastest guy on the vet track. On some glorious days I am, as long as the main track doesn't get closed for watering and send the fast guys over.The most important thing to me in gear is non-restrictive protection that vents well and wears comfortably. I'm not a notorious crasher, so I err toward comfort over crash damage prevention.Goggle: Dragon Vendetta $70

The vent foam is the perfect compromise of airflow. No fogging and no contact lens dry-and-fly.Pant $89, Jersey $29.95, Glove $19.95: Fly Kinetic And Lite

I love vented gear, and this jersey has vent lines like flavor stripes.Chest Protector: Kali Kavaca $149

Low profile and no chafing even when worn directly on your skin.Underwear: Alpinestars Pro Comp $49.95

Hip padding and vented. I wear cool Italian underwearAccessories: GoPro Helmet Camera

I relive my glory days the very next day, and when I make a pass stick, it sticks for life!Helmet: Shoei VFX-W $584.99

Fit is critical to optimum helmet protection performance, and the Shoei fits like it was made for me.Knee Pad: Kali Aazis $65

These pads stay in place and give good feel of the side of the bike.Socks: Urbon 2N1 Knee Brace Liner $49.99

These thin socks add some wiggle room in my boots and stay cool.Boot: TCX Pro 2.1 $439.99

Comfortable, protective and great bike feel with a bootie and a hinge.

Chris Green

One Brand Wonder

Like A Sponsored Rider!

I have the most fun when I'm going fast, and if I can look cool at the same time, then I feel unstoppable. What better way to add horsepower than a brand-new set of gear, right?The perfect set of gear feels light, doesn't bind up and doesn't bother me so that I forget I'm even wearing it. But what is paramount is that my stuff is the newest out there and it all matches, right down to the recognizable name brand on the label. And a guy like me is for sale starting with my next ride.Pant $159.95, Jersey $49.95 And Glove $32.95: Fox Riot

Man, this stuff is lightweight! It's comfortable, too, and I never feel an itch from bad stitching or some weird irritating material.Chest Protector:

Fox Proframe LC Vortex $129.95

I can't even tell I'm wearing this thing. Its shell is rigid and says no to rocks.Accessories: EVS Tug Short Sleeve $35

This shirt traps sweat, but that sweat cools and you feel cool. Like always.Boot: Fox F3R $279.95

They don't feel too heavy, I can always shift easily, and mud never funnels down to my feet.Underwear: EVS Moto Boxer $24

Anti-weggie material. I think I could get used to never picking one.Knee Brace: Pod K700 $749.95

Knee braces should be comfortable and safe. These Pods are comfortable and so far I'm safe!Socks: Fox Proforma

Knee Brace Sock $29.95

They cover me from both knee brace and boot rub all in one sock. That's high performance!Helmet: Fox V3 F-Head-X Race $375.00

The pads are soft and not too squishy, and the vision hole allows for a wide view so I know when to speed up when a local is hot on my tail.Goggle: Fox Main Pro Riot $65.00

When paired with a Fox V3 helmet the style points are huge, and remember, it all adds horsepower.Leatt-Brace GPX Club II $395.00

Ultimate lawn dart protection. It's how I keep my head on straight.

Kris Keefer

Test Rider And Professional Motorcycle Racer

As a test rider I'm in my gear most of the day and sometimes four to five days a week. I also have my own program where I have to practice and race on my own bikes, so I basically wear my gear as much as my street clothes!Materials that don't itch or make me scratch and that are soft against my skin are important. Putting gear on that looks cool and pops for the camera lens also makes me ride better and gets me in a good frame of mind for my day as well as in more pictures in the magazine. Plus, I get paid to say all this stuff... I could be the most comfortable sweat-wicking solid rider there is.Knee Brace: Asterisk Cell $599

Feels like the braces are an extension of my legs. Makes me feel solid when I ride.Underwear: Ethika $29.95

'Cause they're cool and chicks dig them! I mean, Audrina from "The Hills" wears them! C'mon!Pant $149.95 And Jersey $49.95

Thor Core

A great fit with awesome colors and materials that feel good against my skin.Glove: Novik Thats Cool $19.95

No padding and very flexible. No arm-pump here!Boot: Alpinestars Tech 10 $579.95

What can I say? The most comfortable boot ever known to man! Feels light, too.Goggle: Smith Fuel Sweat-X

Great foam that wicks away moisture and seals to my face.Helmet: HJC CL X6 $144.99

A great-fitting helmet that has great colors and wicks away sweat well.

Scott Hoffman

Staff Big Guy

When it comes to gear I kind of live by the adage, "Dress for the crash, not for the ride," because I have seen dirt, sky, dirt, sky, dirt-thud flash before my eyes in a microsecond more times than I can count over the past three decades of riding. I'm no crash test dummy; sometimes it isn't your fault-at least that is what I tell my friends. I don't get all madman with over-gearing up but go with just what I think works in the right places.Goggle: Smith Fuel v.2 Sweat X $60

I have been a Smith fan for years, I also cloak my identity with a tinted or mirror lens to avoid the paparazzi.Helmet: Arai VX-Pro3 $659

Fit and comfort are important and for me the Arai has been a favorite brand since Brad Lackey wore his yellow and black flame lid back in '82.Chest Protector: HRP Flak Jak $79.95

If I forget to wear it, I feel naked on the track and return to my truck to pad up.Undershirt: Under Armour

Or Surf $20-$35

(Rash Guard In The Winter)

As I have gotten older chafing has become an issue.Pant $89.95 Jersey $29.95 And Glove $24.95: Moose M1

I like gear that works well in changing climates, plus a glove that has no padding in the palm is so important to me. Moose delivers, at an affordable price, too.Padded Riding Shorts: Forcefield Action Pro Shorts $144

A little big at first but you get used to them, and then love them if you hit the ground hard (see February 2011 DR Tested).Knee Braces: Innovation Sports CTi 2

These braces have soldiered through nearly every ride I have done for the last decade. They have been rebuilt several times and keep ticking along better than a Timex.Socks: Troy Lee Designs Air Socks $32

These run high enough to cover knee braces and fold over so they don't fall down, plus the upper area is vented for max airflow and comfort.

Lindsey Lovell

Rides Like A Girl

While male riders may still outnumber female riders, we're trying to even out the ratio. Now more gear companies are making riding and protective gear targeted at female riders with female-friendly features.I started out play riding in the desert but soon made it out to a practice day at the track, and have been paying gate fees ever since. On the track, I have to be comfortable and have space to move in my gear. Plus, you know, I want to look good!Jersey $29.95, Pant $99.95 And Glove $24.95: MSR Starlet

The glove is nice for California-cold weather riding, limited ventilation with maximum flexibility.Helmet: KBC Super

XF Supercharger $199.95

This Supercharger helmet definitely packs protection into its shell.Goggle: Smith Intake MX $60

I really like the sensor lens for desert daylight and the adjustable vents to regulate airflow.Knee Pad: Kali Aazis $65

Durable and reliable: they don't slip down on my shins.Boot: Alpinestars Stella Tech 3 $199,95

These girl-specific boots are comfortable, I can shift without hassle and all while keeping my feet unharmed.Chest Protector: MSR Youth

Impact Deflector $79.95

I don't like getting pelted with rocks. Plus, bruises and broken bones don't attract the boys.Elbow Guard: MSR

Gravity Elbow Guard $20.95-$25.95

Protection when and where it's needed. Especially for trying new things like climbing a rock hill when your talent runs short. Ouch!Accessories: Outlaw

BlisterBusters $6.95

Blisters? What blisters?Underwear:

VSX Sport $26.00 And

Fox Women's Riding Short $29.95

The Victoria's Secret VSX Sports Bra is seamless so there is no chafing, and the material maintains dryness throughout motos. The Fox short is lightweight, non-padded and the material (although not vented) seems to breathe.

Joe McKimmy

"Sorry, Can't Go This Weekend" Rider

I have real-world responsibilities (read: kids) as well as my full-time job as DR's Art Director, which is usually spent wrangling up photos from the magazine's collection of screwball editors.So when I do get the rare chance to ride, I want to look like I just stepped off the Dirt Rider cover I just stayed late designing.Helmet: Arai VX-Pro3 $659

Because I have to remember not to put Lewis on the cover, even if I crash hard.Pant $169.00, Jersey $49.00 And Lifeline Glove $34.99: JT Racing

I love this retro stuff and was first in line and pulling favors to get my set. Now I have to get my '86 YZ125 running!Underwear: EVS Impact Short $47

These ride above the waist for comfort and so my riding pants can't pull 'em down.Knee Brace: CTi By Innovation Sports

Custom painted with Sparty the Spartan. Custom-fit braces rule.Socks: Fox Proforma

Knee Brace Sock $29.95

Vented up the back, tall enough for knee braces and five-finger discounted from Jimmy's gear bag!Boot: Sidi

Crossfire SRS $500

I squawk like a needs-to-be-changed baby when I have to put on anything else.

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