How To Maintain A Dirt Bike

Whether you’re wrenching on your bike, changing the tires, or doing a full rebuild, Dirt Rider has the tips you need to keep your dirt bike in top condition.

Dirt bike maintenance is just as important as the actual riding itself. If you don’t have a well-maintained bike, you can’t expect it to perform for you. Whether it be changing tires, replacing broken spokes, or a full engine rebuild, if you’re not on top of the maintenance, you have a very high chance of the motorcycle failing on you. Keep it out of the shop and in the best possible riding condition by keeping it properly maintained.

Dirt Bike Maintenance

Dirt bike maintenance is a skill that every dirt bike owner should posses. Mechanical know-how will help keep the cost of ownership down by reducing catastrophic failures. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Regularly maintaining your off-road motorcycle will also prevent you from being stranded on the trail due to an unnecessary breakdown.

Maintaining your dirt bike, or your off-road motorcycle in general, is more than making sure it has enough oil and air in the tires. It all starts with washing the machine after you ride it. This allows you to inspect the bike, check for any loose bolts, and examine the chain and sprockets. After every ride, you should clean and lube the chain, making sure to use a wire bristle brush to get all of the dirt out of the rollers. These preventative measures can save you from a headache out on the trail or at the track.

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Dirt Bike Parts And Accessories

Your dirt bike wouldn’t truly be yours if you didn’t modify it to your liking. There are numerous aftermarket parts and accessory companies that offer just about any component you would need to personalize your bike. Maybe you want to build a custom dirt bike that has a vintage vibe, or maybe you just want to bolt on a skid plate and call it a day. Whatever you want or need for your bike, Dirt Rider has you covered.